2013 Nichols College – High School Player Development – Football Camp

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

2013 Nichols College - High School Player Development - Football Camp

DUDLEY, Mass. (June 12, 2013) — Nichols College hosted the NFL High School Player Development (HSPD) program June 10-13 on Vendetti Field. High school footb…
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Japan Vlog #33: At my high school!

I’m sorry this was so poorly put together and that the quality was so bad, but this was the best that I could do. Thank you to all of those who are subscribi…
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24 Responses to “2013 Nichols College – High School Player Development – Football Camp”

  1. regencygirl84 ha detto:

    Japanese stereotypes: anime look, ninja, Harajuku style and (particularly outside Japan) they have a perception of being overly camera-happy…

  2. Lenalee Sora ha detto:

    Can you do a what I shoulf expect to pack video

  3. Selena Martinez ha detto:

    I was wondering of what your school rules were? I’ve heard that some schools don’t allow a certain length of hair, ear piercings, no dying your hair or anything. I’ve heard that if you had long hair you were to put it up or in like braids.

  4. poopypogostick ha detto:

    don’t thank me, just returning the favor. d(-_^)

    …you might also try Scott And Brendo (I’ll shuddup now)

  5. Shymaa Salem ha detto:

    U R Awesome girl ! luv ya :))

  6. ieatkittytreats ha detto:

    Hi there! I am considering going abroad with Rotary, and one of my top choices is Japan. So I have a question: did you get any high school credits while abroad? If yes, then for which subjects? Sorry if you already answered this question for another comment or video.

  7. ieatkittytreats ha detto:

    I believe that I saw in her uniform video that she had her name in katakana on her P.E. uniform. But katakana is used for foreign words and names, so katakana is almost always used for the names of people who are not Japanese. I study some Japanese and hope to go abroad though Rotary. Hope I helped!

  8. Aimee Schwarz ha detto:

    When you studied in Japan, did you write your name in Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, or with Roman letters? I’m considering studying abroad, so I was just wondering.

  9. Xolo Atheinho ha detto:

    Oh, this is a reupload? Cool though. I am anxious to see some new stuff if you’re still in Japan. Hope all continues to go well there.

    Fan from California

  10. Nekiesha ha detto:

    do they have exchange program for 27 years of age or anther type of program?

  11. onetwo piecethreefour ha detto:

    Please new video!

  12. hannahgarrett12 ha detto:

    Thanks, man! I love Alt-j so I’ll have to check out the others. 😀 You get brownie points for liking and spreading awesome music.

  13. poopypogostick ha detto:

    soo, i ended up listening to the Jungle Giants discography a shit load after finding them through your video. in an attempt to share some good music back in return; try listening to: Goliath And The Giants, George Barnett, Alt-j, or Major Parkinson. hopefully you or someone else will find one of these bands worth listening to

  14. kikou das ha detto:

    i really want u to do a regural or routine day in Japan how u spend your school usual day in Japan and thnx :*

  15. hailey wilushewski ha detto:

    i love ur videos

  16. xuazeii ha detto:

    It’s been over a month ._.

  17. xuazeii ha detto:

    Where did you go hannah?

  18. ocheriin ha detto:

    I’ve always wondered how the Japanese view weight. ;o I think the stereotypical Japanese girl is very thin and very short, so I was always curious about whether they viewed being a big bigger as shameful or if they really didn’t judge people based on that. I am pretty short (around 5’2″) and I weigh around 120 lbs., so normally I’m an American size medium with size 9 or 11 jeans/pants. I’m not “fat,” but I am a bit chubby, so I wonder how they would view me or if they just wouldn’t care? ;o

  19. xTechnosaurusx ha detto:

    I don’t think you look like Poopsauce 🙂 I actually honestly think you look like Shaileen Woodley

  20. finkledo ha detto:

    I subbed 🙂

  21. finkledo ha detto:

    gah! We’re from the same state! xD Beaver Believer! ^o^ /(._.)/

  22. girlie034 ha detto:

    I have to say that your videos are the most entertaining I’ve ever seen. You’re always so upbeat and funny. Listening to you is really entertaining, so I hope you don’t stop making videos even if you’re not in Japan anymore. 🙂

  23. れいな ダイアモンド ha detto:

    Awh, that circular bridge LOL I drove past their to go to Asahiyama Zoo

  24. Ryan Barta ha detto:

    More More We want More.