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Alabama High School Coaches Fight

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Alabama High School Coaches Fight

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23 Responses to “Alabama High School Coaches Fight”

  1. 2002mxzx ha detto:

    Watch #72 sprint in from about the 45 yard line at .05! Ready to rumble!

  2. Ben Aviary ha detto:

    World Star Country Western 

  3. blake bishop ha detto:

    I was at this game lol

  4. TehAtrox ha detto:


  5. alex saanchez ha detto:

    I’m guessing the coach in the white was a linemen

  6. stevienashty13 ha detto:

    Don’t people get killed at soccer games? haha. The riots, the stabbings, and people throwing bottles at players? ha.

  7. RapIsDeadly ha detto:

    Football king in the United States. Soccer isn’t near as popluar in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world. Hell, Baseball, Tennis, Nba, and Hockey have much more interest over soccer in this country.

    Soccer is pretty much a sissy sport. People want their kids to play soccer because their uncoordinated dufus kids don’t stand out as much in other real sports.

  8. xWINfinity ha detto:

    You do actually… You have people like that in every country. And why does American Football always needs to be compared to football? I think both sports are lovely and i enjoy watching them both.

  9. RagaSHOT ha detto:

    Fire this piece of shit coach! This man should be setting the highest example for his student athletes.

  10. Nergal134 ha detto:

    Because nobody is this stupid.

  11. Hoevi676 ha detto:


  12. Arnodude53 ha detto:

    You don’t see this at a football game (i refuse to call it soccer)

  13. 070owner ha detto:

    This is that handball/rugby game right? Because your playing football with your FOOT and not hands

  14. angie muir ha detto:

    Well that’s just a weeeeee bit embarassing. I’m from Alabama…that is so stupid

  15. Willieben46 ha detto:

    Who is the big fat guy in white T Shirt wearing Walker Co. hat who tries to push around cop? I would be willing to bet he is a nobody and is not a coaching staff member. He may be something like a volunteer coach or one of the kid’s daddies. Maybe member of the booster club.

  16. SavageBeastism ha detto:

    Haha I was there!! It was right down the road from me

  17. jonmc1 ha detto:

    What does the back of my jersey say? Dude, what does mine say? Sweet, but what does mine say? Dude! What does mine say? SWEET!!!!!

  18. jonmc1 ha detto:

    The TV station didn’t put a logo in the middle of the screen on purpose. That’s the reflection of the shirt of the person who made the video. They must have been inside a glassed in press booth.

  19. PureBloodPits ha detto:

    Bet you didn’t know any of that you little dummy did you??? Stick with me & as they say in Alabama “I’ll learn you”

  20. PureBloodPits ha detto:

    Lmao!!! Whooooooooooooa you REALLY told me!!!(lol)
    Computer Science/Math degree baby!!! Hey D.F. don’t you know most of the filthy rich have dropped out, & may have barely finished H.S. & may have never finished college? Learn how to read & maybe you’ll learn something. Facebook Mark Z. “College Drop Out”, Richard Branson “High School Dropout”, Albert Einstein “High School Dropout”, Dave Thomas “High School Drop Out”, Michael Dell “College Drop Out”, Bill Gates “College Drop Out” so on & so on.

  21. PaulRevere731 ha detto:

    There is a another view of this same video on Youtube without the logo blocking.

  22. PaulRevere731 ha detto:

    Can’t see it for that stupid TV16 logo in the middle. A watermark in the corner is sufficient to protect your precious copyright.

  23. girlnextdoor0703 ha detto:

    Can’t see crap with that stupid fucking tv16 logo in the CENTER of the picture. You, my dear uploader, are a retard.