Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar [Official Video HD]

I Need Dollar, è il titolo del primo vero successo del cantante statunitense Aloe Blacc. La canzone, uscita negli States lo scorso anno, si sta facendo conoscere in Italia solo negli ultimi mesi. che si sta facendo conoscere in Italia sono negli ultimi mesi, in patria è uscito lo scorso anno, così come il suo secondo album di sempre intitolato Good things. Il brano, è stato usato come sigla d’apertura per la comedy drama della HBO ‘How to make it in America’. Da “” Testo I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need hey hey Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need hey hey And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me Bad times are comin and I reap what I don’t sow hey hey Well let me tell you somthin all that glitters ain’t gold hey hey It’s been a long old trouble long old troublesome road And i’m looking for somebody come and help me carry this load Bridge I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need hey hey Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need Well i don’t know if I’m walking on solid ground Cause everything around me is falling down And all I want — is for someone — to help meee I had a job but the boss man let me go He said I’m sorry but I won’t be needing your help no more I said please mister boss man I need this job more than you know But he gave me my last paycheck and he sent me on out the door Bridge: I need a dollar dollar, a
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Christina Aguilera Singing beautifully in the movie “Burlesque”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 commenti su “Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar [Official Video HD]

  1. bonkbonkkiler il said:

    If you shut up about it ill give you a dollar

  2. negru48 il said:

    @OriasNyulUr you say you have hungarian nick,you living there you have experience with Romanians,is clear you are a original gypsy.fuck of man you`r annoying me stupid gypsy or hungarian or what the fuck are you and you`r not bigger then my shitt.Asshole

  3. OriasNyulUr il said:

    Although I have Hungarian nick I am not Hungarian, you twat! I am only living here, but had already experienced idiots from Romania. Brainless drivers and dick heads throwing litters about everywhere!

  4. negru48 il said:

    @OriasNyulUr =))) when i saw the comment i thought it was another angry greek men,but noo it`s my stupid neighbor (across the border) how do i know you`r not a gypsy ?in hungary are gypsy too.
    Ungur prost !

  5. Cubee1246 il said:

    some Forint,Forint, some Forint is what i need…. HEY HEY 😀

  6. XxLegITtx il said:

    @ahmad80902 He used his last dollar on his clothes.

  7. ahmad80902 il said:

    he’s pretty well dressed, prolly doesn’t NEED tht dollar so bad…

  8. Dimdekor il said:

    @Gianjxx Thanks you bro,i hope too although i doubt it.You see we are in very deep shit because our politicians are corrupted and they don’t give a damn about the people.

  9. xXjmev83180Xx il said:

    i dont nnnnnneeeeeeeeedddddddd AAAAA dollar i WANNTTTTTT a dollar 

  10. 91harrow il said:

    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Here, have two :)

  11. Gianjxx il said:

    @Dimdekor Best whishes from Italy, hope sooner or later everything will be fixed!

  12. Syzxgy il said:

    i need that alcohol, alcohol, alcohol thats what i need !

  13. RamsesReturns il said:

    Austerity… this song will soon resonate throughout the world, Greece was only the beginning.

  14. 1bRaHiMov1c il said:

    have fun mocking Greece while using Greek originated words morons…

  15. ptitebestiolle97 il said:

    I want to have her voice <3 ! this is my dream...

  16. jana7250383 il said:

    @AmaLovesWow yea… you know, chunky, stubby, chubby. :)

  17. jana7250383 il said:

    @cindy11176 oh don’t you lie… You’ve seen her… I agree that she’s pretty but she’s chunky

  18. 266angelface il said:

    love this song to the fullest………….it reminds me of my loved ones

  19. boobunny100 il said:

    She sang this beautifully…. but that dress…. oh my god its great

  20. alytavarelita il said:

    Dios te cuide y nos sigas cantando, please no caigas en drogas, mira Whitney Houston la perdimos para siempre.

  21. SuperNandoferreira il said:

    saudades do meu cantinho !! meus amigos ,xana ,cris ,kahuany ,samanta ,ficavamos horas ouvindo essa musica como o tempo passa ne ?

  22. TheSecretlili il said:

    só mais uma coisa eu quando vi este filme a minha mãe disse-me que a rapariga muito bonita que estava no video era a Christina Aguilera e eu não acreditei nela porque no filme estás muito mais bonita e mais magrinha pareces a pessoa mais perfeita do mundo mas depois fui á Internet e vi que afinal eras tu e fiquei ultra-mega confusa porque tu és tãaoooooooooo bonita no mfilme e agora és uma pessoa com problemas de peso que eu fiquei muito baralhada das ideias e ainda estou!

  23. TheSecretlili il said:

    Christina tu devias ter dado a beleza que tu tinhas a quem a merece decerteza que nimguem iria desperdiçá-la como tu fizeste eu estou mesmo revoltada eu e tantas raparigas gostariamos de ser tão belas e magrinhas como tu és neste video e tu desperdiças e vais meter silicone estou mesmo desiludida contigo!

  24. TheSecretlili il said:

    ela neste video é a pessoa mais bonita do universo e agora… ela devia fazer uma dieta e tirar aquele silicone todo! ela parece ter 47 anos este ano ou até mais…

  25. TheSecretlili il said:

    Se repararem ela no filme Burlesque era muito bonita e magrinha, e agora ela meteu silicone e teve um filho e ficou muito gorda e horrivelmente feia. Tantas pessoas que a invejavam porque ela era t~~ao bonita e agora… Sinceramente eu neste momento odeio-a porque ela desperdiçou a sua beleza quantas pessoas queriam ter a beleza que ela tem neste video e agora foi meter silicone?! FUCK YOU

  26. EmmaDeCosas il said:

    The only people who can possibly dislike this are people who just never liked Christina Aquilera to begin with. She has amazing note, pitch, and depth in this song. I get goosebumps every single time I hear it and it makes me smile. LOVE this song.

  27. crazyginger016 il said:

    26 dislikes? .. can i just ask WHY!? You strange people :/ disappointing.. this is a true work of art!

  28. gypsedream13 il said:

    gorgeous voice and that dress makes her look taller than she is very beautiful color on her

  29. cindy11176 il said:

    @jana7250383 thts just rude shes not chunky at all shes beautiful

  30. cindy11176 il said:

    wow… shes beautiful,
    the songs beautiful,
    i cant stop watching it this is my 10th time watching this!! <3 u christina!

  31. jeremlebogos77 il said:

    Au Lieu De Se mettre A Quatre pattes Pour Bouffer Ses Céréales Elle Devrait Chanter des Chansons Comme Celle La … En Tout Cas C’est Une merveilleuse Chanson

  32. jana7250383 il said:

    I’m guessing that the directors wants to make burlesque 2 but Christina Aguilera is not that much of an Ali because she’s chuunky

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