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24 commenti su “bam margera the best video

  1. nightbeauty02 il said:

    @papastiffy Yeah, what the hell is going on? He’s like, flying on the floor. O.o <3!

  2. 10qaws il said:

    hip hop you diss him get the fuck off the planet float in space thinking about what he said but i know you wont if your intrested the songs man vs. ape and untill i heard these rappers i listened to metal there on some higher learnin fellas 

  3. 10qaws il said:

    @TheHardcoreStuntman Move!
    There’s no telling what I’ma do
    I’m eighty-thousand years of natural selection comin through
    You ain’t got as much aggression, possessions, weapons
    I’ll be damned if I get outdone by the next man
    If you’re beliefs are different than mine, then we gonna fight
    Who needs peace when you can profit from being right?
    I hold picket signs outside abortion clinic doors
    Take what I want with force
    And my God could kill yours

  4. Starshine3436 il said:

    hahaha Fav part!! Ending Bang right into the cam LOL I love Bam

  5. RANDOMWICKED il said:

    hold up the song for this is all WRONG!!! I want to be less like ME and more like BAM !

  6. RANDOMWICKED il said:

    @zombiezbride no totally ok u know why?!? COZ I WANNA DO EM TOO !!!

  7. oliveyou1996 il said:

    @Heather146 who isnt gonna catch bam? he’s freaking amazing and sexy(:

  8. hardcorebam14 il said:

    semplicemente un IDOLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. puremadboy il said:

    R.I.P jackass will never be the same without you (ryan dunn 1977-2011 ) sadly missed

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