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Best Hip Hop Moments || I Part

Posted on 17 Dicembre 2012

This video is the first part of a short movie with some of the best moments in the history of Hip Hop. Wait for second one. Hope you enjoy it. Questo video è la prima parte di un piccolo montaggio con alcuni dei momenti migliori della storia dell’Hip Hop. Aspettate per la seconda parte. Spero vi piaccia. ©MichellePaoli Crew: Poreotics Quick Les Twins

26 Responses to “Best Hip Hop Moments || I Part”

  1. Kamil Oles ha detto:

    3:10 Penis.. 

  2. Sanya1636 ha detto:

    awesome cool

  3. Kamil Oles ha detto:

    song at 2:27 plis ?

  4. Michelle Paoli ha detto:

    The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977

  5. borkietta ha detto:

    song at 0:38 pls?

  6. fleXcope ha detto:

    oh yeah

  7. Michelle Paoli ha detto:

    The sadness will never end – Bring me the horizon (skrillex remix)  (:

  8. Bogdan Levchenko ha detto:

    Song at 2:05 Pls 🙂

  9. MsLilDice ha detto:

    I’m having a “Les Twins Overdose Disorder”! They own the dancefloors.. that’s what I’m talking about babyyy!!

  10. sbharj24 ha detto:

    Thank you for keeping the original music for each clip!!

  11. lalla2503 ha detto:

    Thanks <3

  12. Michelle Paoli ha detto:

    Far East Movement – She Owns the Night

  13. lalla2503 ha detto:

    Song at 3.39

  14. MultiMs87 ha detto:

    les twins from 6:37 had to replay that a few times un fu**in real

  15. Donnasia Allen ha detto:

    I swear dancers probably have the best playlist in the world on their Ipods!

  16. oneshotki11 ha detto:

    How much vagina does LES Twins get? Must be too much. lol

  17. DanielKeithMorrison ha detto:

    Fundamentals. Most of these videos have no hip hop fundamentals. Don’t call les twins style new style. U only prove my point. Its not new. And its a dumb name cause 5 yrs from now its not new. They just fused funk styles into hip hop groves. Electric boogie(not boogaloo) back in the 80’s operated the same way.


  18. DanielKeithMorrison ha detto:

    u wrote too much. No such thing as pop lock my negro. Secondly Krump isn’t a hip hop dance, krumpers will tell u that. Breaking is hip hop and party dancing is hip hop too but robotics and poppin and things of that nature is funk.

    The movements these guys do to hip hop music is just choreography they thought of to hip hop music. It doesn’t mean its hip hop. I could do a contemporary routine to hip hop. Doesn’t mean its hip hop. Dope choreo but not hip hop. Everything has fundamentals son.

  19. Melvin Wells ha detto:

    -certain movements. you do as you FEEL. And if that isnt hip hop…then explain to me in Vast detail what it is. As long as you can rock the beat, feel the music, express openly, that is a hip hop dancer. Being different is what makes them hip hop. If you go to a breaking competition and you have a bboy battling another bboy doing the same thing. they will dog you out and call it “BITTING” you have to be individual.

  20. Melvin Wells ha detto:

    Why do you think there are many different styles to hip hop? You have top rock or uprocking(Which started as its own), Breaking or how it was first called (Down rocking), then there is pop lock, Krumping, and so on. This couldnt happen if there was a “Certain” way to do hip hop. Les Twins know almost Every style. and they are NEW STYLE hip hop dancers. this style leaves a dancer to be fully unique because it takes Every hip hop dance style and uses them as one. meaning you arent limited to

  21. Melvin Wells ha detto:

    Ok the music may not all be hip hop in this video. That is True. But for the most part the dancing IS hip hop. Where do you think that stuff came from? As im saying. If you want to be a big dancer in this world. Especially hip hop. You must be creative and different but still connect to the foundation and roots. Imagine if every hip hop dancer danced the same. Ill say that these are not the best Hip hop moments. maybe they are to the uploader. But in the most part. Yes this is hip hop.

  22. DanielKeithMorrison ha detto:

    first off the music isn’t hip hop. Second if we are talking the DANCE. It isn’t hip hop dance yo. Some of its is funk and pop. Like the very movement these guys are doing, all them lines. What hip hop dancer DOES THAT!!!

    Thats some R&B shit at best but I really see backstreet boys do this ish. The tutting the botics are all Funk related DANCES.

    So what r we talking about the culture or the dance.

    Les twins is dope tho but ppl cloud their minds to think that alone is hip hop. Its not.

  23. Melvin Wells ha detto:

    Not Hip Hop? No sir, YOU need to do you research. Hip Hop is a culture. And the Dancing is one element of it. Hip Hop dance is NOT AT ALL suppose to look one way. if that were so..There would only be one style..but there isn’t. Hip Hop is about expressing yourself in a hip hop manner. That means being individual, unique..So yes. All of these are Hip hop. Especially Les Twins. They embodied the meaning of “Hip Hop” and decided they didn’t want to be the regular everyday hip hop dancer

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