Best Workout Motivational – Be Blind (Sail Awolnation) If this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. Song: Sail Artist: Awolnation Trainers: Micah Lancaster Jacob Tucker DJ Sackmann…

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  1. derrunnerkim il said:

    Is that a remix of sail? Cause the original sounds a bit different at the end

  2. NeverestGAME il said:

    i wish the audio didnt suck, other than that its good

  3. Ant O'Brien il said:

    OMG ERIC THOMAS wanna be ! copying thet Great motivational speakers and changing the odd word here and there is pathetic !

  4. LokiGat il said:

    Can I reupload this videos with Portuguese subtitles?

  5. Light Twins il said:

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  6. Srikanth Srinivasaiah il said:

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  7. Sergio Murray il said:

    Thanks to your video i was motivated to lose 20 pounds

  8. ksnaddyk il said:

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  9. coz586 il said:

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  10. Giorgio Daino il said:

    Can someone write in a comment what he say? Because I’m Italian and I can’t understand all the video. Thank you!

  11. Sony Bhomi il said:

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  12. teenccu il said:

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  13. The Guy That's Done Everything il said:

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  14. handballsuchti123456 il said:

    Best video the text is great and the song too

    ~ from germany

  15. Nageeb P.K il said:

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