change , activate and use facebook news feed -new look (2013 E Show design)
Video Rating: 1 / 5 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announces a new messaging system called “Chat Heads” which allows users to connect with their friends throu…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 commenti su “change , activate and use facebook news feed -new look (2013 E Show design)

  1. Ishi Curameng il said:

    On my iphone it only works in the app but on the home screen or other apps it don’t

  2. smokingflowers il said:

    I… I… please don’t hurt me… I kinda…like it. There! I SAID IT! Down vote me to oblivion.

  3. James Wade il said:

    I was instroduced to which helps you hack facebook easy

  4. christopher wallace il said:

    Most hackers recommend you to use for facebook hacking

  5. Kyli Rouge il said:

    0:23 “We all wanna talk to people, not apps”
    … When I’m using Skype… know I’m not actually talking to Skype, but the other person using it. >.>

  6. Fuad Hasyim il said:

    haters is gonne be hate, yeah time for me to uninstall fb app. just prefer browse it manually by a browser

  7. l'Oggettivista il said:

    this feature is not bad. but android? no thanks.

  8. Luis Alonso Arreola Zavalza il said:

    time to delete my facebook account ¬¬

  9. TechXSoftware il said:

    I said it before, I will say it again, no one wants a FB phone!!!

  10. jacobpozy il said:

    Zuckerbergs gotten way better at talking in front of crowds!

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