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Ender’s Game Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford Movie HD

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

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40 Responses to “Ender’s Game Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford Movie HD”

  1. haloreachlover99 ha detto:

    Asa is too old to play Ender Wiggin in this movie. i like their choice of actors for valentine and Petra and they better show every battle school fight in the book graphic or not.and there are more then 4 army’s, there’s : condor,rat,salamander,dragon, ferret,badger,spider,scorpion.­.thats about it and they better pick a good actor for beans role and for peters role and bonzo’s role. that is all..

  2. haloreachlover99 ha detto:

    butterflied is too old to play Ender Wiggin in this movie. i like their choice of actors for valentine and Petra and they better show every battle school fight in the book graphic or not.and there are more then 4 army’s, there’s : condor,rat,salamander,dragon, ferret,badger,spider,scorpion..thats about it and they better pick a good actor for beans role and for peters role. that is all..

  3. haloreachlover99 ha detto:

    i just hope they don’t butcher another good book.

  4. JPHunt1995 ha detto:


  5. MissJessicaSwain ha detto:


  6. Evelyn Bishop ha detto:


  7. exoticapocalyps1398 ha detto:

    This isn’t the sole trailer that made me need to see a movie therefore I searched in all places on the web for someplace to stream movies safely and securely without cost. I ultimately uncovered one so I thought I’d share with you guys so you’re able to save some time! Here’s the web-site you should check out for free movies.­­m

  8. peachtable966 ha detto:

    so because you don’t agree with someone’s personal views on the world, you refuse to enjoy any media associated with them? Come on, even soccer moms in Oklahoma go to the movies, made by leftist hollywood… Lighten up, you’re only missing out.

    Try not to be so hateful!

  9. peachtable966 ha detto:

    i wish!! =(

    still, it’s great to see a great book get some props from hollywood, even if the movie doesn’t fulfill fans’ standards!

  10. Francisco Antonio ha detto:

    couldn’t they just imprint my imagination on screen

  11. Clifford Daniels ha detto:

    Check out our internet site to view complete motion picture

  12. Phil saunders ha detto:

    anyone else know the scene at 1:18; its when Ender is told of the battle 10 mintues before making them late to the battle and created the riot shield strategy which means bean was in that scene. at 1:20 i think it’s when he first joined Bonzo’s army

  13. AquaPhoenix Productions ha detto:

    Plus the whole brutal murder bits

  14. Andee Scott ha detto:

    Main reason is acting skills of a 6 year old, compared to a teenager. I would imagine.

  15. Jeremy Bagnol ha detto:

    How did they ruin hunger games?

  16. Hunter Munter ha detto:

    That is what I was just asking myself.

  17. Hunter Munter ha detto:

    I really hope this is similar to one of my all time favorite books. Please don’t ruin it like they ruined Hunger Games.

  18. curvedgovernor8260 ha detto:

    The ending of this movie leaves you puzzled! How can I know that from just the trailer? I watched more than the movie trailer! You can really watch the whole movie on the web (or anything else) at this website I discovered while goofing around on the web. It’s amazing how many movies they have! Have a look at this web-site to check it out…­­m

  19. The Awesome Cabbage ha detto:

    I’m so excited for this movie! I just hope, like others, that they don’t fuck it up. xD

  20. Creeper2044 ha detto:

    He’s 6

  21. Charles Robbins ha detto:

    Go to your website to watch full video

  22. clmc ha detto:

    lol puberty voice

  23. ohlunas ha detto:

    There’s a number of reasons. It has to do with film production, acting, stunts, etc. and having a teenager might be more appealing to more audiences.

  24. KYU ha detto:

    Think and you will have the answer

  25. Emery Brush ha detto:

    Enders like 7 and eight in the book. Why is he a teenager in the movie?

  26. dsndicmsa ha detto:

    anybody with a brain who can see this is a propaganda film, using misinformation to con people

  27. dsndicmsa ha detto:

    does your doctor also quack like a duck?

  28. dsndicmsa ha detto:

    and just who would that be, where are all these poor innocent framers being sued by monsanto for accidentally having gm plants on their farm,, percy schmeiser? Lol

  29. dsndicmsa ha detto:

    nothing like good old ignorant hatred and bigotry in sighting violence and death of that with you are too ignorant and lazy to understand

  30. DanceForever93 ha detto:

    We the people are powerful when we ban together and fight for our right to live our life healthy and happily. We have the right to eat healthy foods, breath clean air and drink pure water. Don’t let big business corrupt our government and dictate our health by the foods we consume. Don’t let government and corporation kill us off slowly but surely. We have the right to live the God given life He so generously gifted us. Let’s ban together as, “We The People” and fight against destruction of us.

  31. Jay Beam ha detto:

    Who in the right mind dislikes this??

  32. fenwick k ha detto:

    My doctor even told me GMOs are bad for your health

  33. Miko Pinder ha detto:

    The rap song at end was the icing on the cake to a great movie…SAY NO TO GMO HOE!!

  34. catsalive1 ha detto:

    Don’t forget to contact me. Seriously!

  35. Crista Williams ha detto:

    Monsanto should pay them for corrupting their land

  36. Crista Williams ha detto:

    How do we make it right to the farmers who lost their land to Monsanto?

  37. Val Vetter ha detto:

    Watch the movie Adam. If you think there are “no credible health or nutrition issues” then you’ve missed the point.

    Either that, or you should just cash your paycheck from Monsanto and stop spreading your lies. (Or do you work for the lie department?)

  38. Stephen Neblett ha detto:


  39. Kim Hunter ha detto:

    See “March Against Monsanto” Events. Over 40 countries and over 440 locations have events planned for Oct 12th. 🙂 All the best.

  40. Adam Michelson ha detto:

    Because labeling GMO is not very useful, and would be expensive. It would unnecessarily stigmatize foods that have no credible health or nutrition issues. In response to your above comment about there being no difference, to be clear: There is no difference in the safety. Arbitrarily requiring labeling only makes sense if there is an objective reason for doing so, not because someone dislikes the company making them.

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