Facebook News Feed Update – What Do You Think?

http://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed/ So, Facebook has come up with a new way to say ‘Goodbye to Clutter’ by creating a new version of their news feed. Whe…

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18 commenti su “Facebook News Feed Update – What Do You Think?

  1. Hasan Morgaun il said:


  2. Voluntaustrian il said:

    Applied for this update 5 months ago…. Ridiculous!

  3. Jayden Fereti il said:

    this is better than the frst version, more efficient for the users.

  4. Niña mie gorres il said:

    i love this new version. may i ask how can i covert mine? plzzzzz :)

  5. SugarCraft12 il said:

    When I made my backup account, I had that design and I thought it was soooo confusing. But now I’ve gotten the hang of everything.

  6. James Gladwell il said:

    No, it’s for the whole of Facebook. The computer is irrelevant.

  7. izzuddin amir il said:

    i already do it 1 week ago but when it update?

  8. packleader1215 il said:

    the way facebook look now, a lot of people complained. It looks confusing on where to start for a new user.

    This new design is, again, more neat and organized like twitter.

  9. Mo Goulet il said:

    I am always excited about changes with Facebook. I have over 100 clients throughout the US and Canada with a few in the UK and each time there is a change, not only is it more user friendly but it reaffirms the confidence my clients have in their decision to outsource their Social Media. The overall reason businesses do not outsource is due to a lack of knowledge and appreciation of the marketing power of Facebook which results in their resistance to professional help.

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