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Facebook News Feed won’t load (hangs)

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Anyone else having this problem? It’s been about two weeks for me (longer for others according to the Discussion forum in FB’s “Help” section. Despite sendin…
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DT Daily: Facebook News Feed demystified, streaming video felony, and NASA's Mars machine

Facebook announces plans to make its News Feed less mysterious, the U.S. government considers making it a felony to stream copyrighted content on the Interne…

27 Responses to “Facebook News Feed won’t load (hangs)”

  1. shirleythomas445 ha detto:

    I need help to.

  2. Jam Ouano ha detto:

    we have the same problem, I need some help also, please please please

  3. h2movie2 ha detto:

    try Advanced System Care > Deep Scan

  4. SPARXnz ha detto:

    wen is sum1 gonna fix this

  5. TheDometeused ha detto:

    shit happen to me today

  6. uxie126 ha detto:

    over here is happening…

  7. Willy kun ha detto:

    If anyone finds a solution please msg me! I want my facebook news feed back on.

  8. Carl Zerafa ha detto:

    is that oki ?

  9. Carl Zerafa ha detto:

    Mine is happening right now .What can i do ?? Wait or arrange some seetings ?

  10. Mad Cicero ha detto:

    Happening right now to me.

  11. Judy Peregrino ha detto:

    Mine Just Did This .! Help

  12. Ryan Herbertson ha detto:

    Mine just started doing this

  13. Seb Aguilar ha detto:


  14. Jordan Knowlton ha detto:

    My shits doing it right now

  15. E. Norma Stits ha detto:

    I have this problem right now

  16. TheTruth2012 ha detto:

    Did you ever fix this? I think this got to my phone too, Im starting to wonder if its my profile in general..

  17. MrGospelHousemusic ha detto:

    Chrome BHO helper is the culprit. Same thing happens to me unless I disable it in “manage add-ons.”

  18. Justin LI ha detto:

    Yes! this always happens when i use PHproxy on my school DET laptop

  19. zeus151000 ha detto:

    I got a problem with facebook as well but mine is different. I cannot even get to the fucking sign in page. Someone please help.

  20. Edison Dervishi ha detto:

    omg me too 3 week like this

  21. giankingperuchito ha detto:

    same wtf is wrong with fb! :S

  22. mrchino4u ha detto:

    me too, today wtf

  23. howardcjones ha detto:

    This started happening to me today.

  24. SuperZEROSTAR ha detto:

    have the same issues

  25. cicatct ha detto:

    omg this sucks and it’s still not fixed right 🙁 i am so aggravated with fb!

  26. kensogoiinAmerica ha detto:

    Now various internet users, look up info on this issue, inform friends/family/strangers about this streaming felony bs by any means (facebook, twitter, email, myspace, letters, talking, videos, texting). Add the info to things like a cover video, a printout or a lets play so those who don’t know/don’t care about politics hopefully will pay attention to this at least.

  27. kensogoiinAmerica ha detto:

    WTF?! Lets make illegal streaming a felony but what those wall st assholes did isn’t a crime. What the fuck obama? Screw over the citizens over one video, protect the ultra rich who are currently getting away with dozens of illegal actions, not the reason I voted for you. Anything short of ending the actions of the NSA, this streaming bs and arresting these wannabe gods will not make me think of you as anything else but another corrupt asshole just like romney and mccain.