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25 commenti su “Facebook News Network

  1. ablestmage il said:

    I first saw this well over 2 years ago, and still to this day say, “…..IG-nore!” just like at 0:23 on such random friend requests. Good stuff.

  2. Mubashir Rahim il said:

    hahaha!! kwl… thats realy kwl.. plz creat a report abt me wall :D

  3. Сергей Никитин il said:

    russian facebook is better ))) can compare!
    registration page:
    vk com/reg49896 (point instead of a blank)

  4. DoloresTripp il said:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. bgcv

  5. Dagonslayer2007o9 il said:

    I’m sorry but… that was really lame

  6. Zach Good il said:

    The scrolling news at the bottom went by so fast it made me dizzy.

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