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15 commenti su “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg unveils News Feed changes

  • 14/09/2013 alle 15:32

    Translation: We’re changing Facebook so it’s easier for the NSA/CIA to spy on you with.

  • 14/09/2013 alle 16:18


  • 14/09/2013 alle 16:24

    FB has brought such joy if used right,,,you don’t need no ticket to get on board,,,,,so enjoy the free ride,its the next best thing to being there in a heartbeat…

  • 14/09/2013 alle 16:56

    Take away the like button,,,more communications,but I know it will cause more lurkers…Put the view # on side of post to click on to see who viewed…

  • 14/09/2013 alle 17:13

    I got this design more than 2 weeks bk and loving it.

  • 14/09/2013 alle 17:19

    most importantly: where can i activate it? did he say anything? or do we have to wait?

  • 14/09/2013 alle 17:27

    Just incase you need to automate facebook stuff then go to w w w . FaceSoftware . c o m enjoy

  • 14/09/2013 alle 17:50

    Understand you can enjoy facebook a lot more using this w w w . FaceSoftware . c o m , i luv it

  • 14/09/2013 alle 17:59

    The thing I hate about people is you guys do NOT want to change for the simplest things, you whine your asses off because that’s the most ”mainsteam” thing to do when any changes come in place.

    Just shut the fuck up and appreciate it. The new News Feed interface is MUCH better than the current one that just craps up your screen and makes it look like a Mess.

  • 14/09/2013 alle 18:47

    Riiiight… we need to waste more bandwidth and have shitty video ads fed to us, of course! 🙁

  • 14/09/2013 alle 18:57

    Spend “even more” time on the site.

  • 14/09/2013 alle 19:25

    Brilliant -_-, Big ass pictures and videos covering the whole page & spamming your news feed…

  • 14/09/2013 alle 20:16

    I know eh..If it ‘aint broke leave it alone…I’ve been trying for months to sign
    into my “original” You Tube account but it won’t allow me! very frustrating, I’ve tried e-mailing them etc. but useless 🙁 & I’ve never liked “Spybook” either.

  • 14/09/2013 alle 21:06

    Facebook and YouTube are very much alike in one aspect, as soon as you get used to the damn interface they have to go and change it again!!!!

  • 14/09/2013 alle 21:38

    so its like the one who hav now except in 3d

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