Fallout: Lanius [Live Action Fan Film]

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Fallout: Lanius [Live Action Fan Film]

‘Fallout: Lanius’ is a Fan Made Short Film centered on the Origin Story of Legate Lanius from ‘Fallout: New Vegas’. Please be sure to like, comment and subsc…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “Fallout: Lanius [Live Action Fan Film]”

  1. foodmens ha detto:

    really professionally done my friend. Really well done indeed

  2. ColonelKritzkrieg ha detto:

    Seriously i’m tearing up… you truly used all your funding the very best you possibly could, it really shows through in this

    In all actuality i think this could well be as good, or even better than Nuka Break

    The only bit of constructive criticism i’d have is how the Legate looked a bit awkward when he was swinging his sword near the end there… Flawless other than that

  3. Brian Andrew ha detto:

    where’s the guy of the vault?.anyway great movie i really like’d it

  4. Brian Andrew ha detto:

    great movie

  5. kakarot cabage ha detto:

    this is absolutely amazing for a fan-made film. by the way,is this the real story behing the burned man? i never pay attention to notes in fallout

  6. janekstec ha detto:

    Great job!

  7. shatehouu ha detto:

    this is great, i hope you guys make more

  8. TheDoctor4221 ha detto:

    Well to be fair Ulysses and Graham were taken from the game. Lanius was the only one that got a voice actor.

  9. TheDoctor4221 ha detto:

    Ever seen Nuka Break?

  10. sidney scotchman ha detto:

    finally got around to watching this. this is so awesome, always had high hopes for this when i first heard about it. wasn’t disappointed 😀

  11. philipphaala ha detto:

    thats so amazing i cant describe it in words o.O

  12. frajer313 ha detto:

    when they uncovered the mask DUDE I GOT CHILLS LOL
    thats a powerful looking man that plays lanius makes sense
    the movie was a 10 guys keep it up

  13. stewart yousif ha detto:

    Make more!!! Pls I beg of you more

  14. LegatoBluesummers810 ha detto:

    So fucking good. Having the same voices as the game (for Lanius, Ulysses, and Joshua Graham) really gave their dialogue an impact that I think would have been lost otherwise.

  15. sonofhades57 ha detto:

    This… this is the most authentic Fallout media I’ve ever seen outside of the main series. It’s amazing even without Lanius being one of my favorite characters of New Vegas. Please, keep making such awesome films.

  16. Zomboing ha detto:

    People don’t believe it when I say that aliens are canon QQ. Anyway, I really liked the video, thanks for making it.

  17. Jerome Deomano ha detto:

    Excellent work my friend. Bethesda should get you to make a full length feature film and sell it through media stores. I would definitely pay for quality work like this.

  18. Grizzly Bear ha detto:

    Lanius is such a badass.

  19. killerman19880385 ha detto:

    I had a dream…. about this lady that gets tricked and is taken into an indoor arena by legion soldiers. And lanius is the guy who is fighting. Gah its so hard to explain dreams.

  20. Ico light ha detto:

    This director…. IS BRILLIANT!

  21. alternateshadow300 ha detto:

    Fantastic. Very well done. The entire thing went exactly the way Lanius’ backstory was told.

  22. Shane Marcum ha detto:

    I liked this film. I thought it did the game justice. Now I want to see one of Lanius fighting the NCR. That would be cool to see.

  23. agentclank05 ha detto:

    17:22 jesus christ superstar 

  24. Beckz Gale ha detto:


  25. jackl45 ha detto:


  26. excellent becca ha detto:

    oh my god

  27. Sarah Mays ha detto:

    @rXTrLEGENDz It already exists… It’s called Movie: The Movie 2V

  28. TheFilip43 ha detto:

    Way too many boxes to close!

  29. chvilla ha detto:

    Am i the only one who didnt really laugh

  30. ev3rybodysuck5 ha detto:

    Meh, not enough famous people.

  31. Hisham Alsaady ha detto:

    هههه خوش فلم

  32. Dz1go ha detto:

    how do you like them grapes. : )))))))))) 

  33. Lamar, Grove Street Families ha detto:

    Run forrest, run!!!

  34. Bimalendu Pal ha detto:


  35. UndeadCowboy95 ha detto:

    As fucked up as it is, this is so epic!

  36. itsybitsy999 ha detto:

    Not enough Christoph.

  37. Lady Gaga X Collection ha detto:

    where is horror ?

  38. Aqull ha detto:


  39. colin jacobson ha detto:

    It’s based on the novel, “Push” by Sapphire.

  40. عامر الزعبي ha detto:

    جميل جدا جدا

  41. Tony Seyffer ha detto:

    If only you could buy Ciroc vodka at the movie theater, or any kind of whiskey for that matter. Maybe in Europe or Russia or Asia or someplace overseas you can, but not here in the U.S. and considering how overpriced snacks and drinks at the movies are it’d probably be like 10 bucks for one shot.

  42. 7thSmurf ha detto:

    They should have taken this as Scary Movie 5 storyline. Then it would have been a milestone,like a new naked gun. MAN I MISS those good ol movies.. and L. Nielson.

  43. Thoreee19 ha detto:

    The Best Movie ever 😀

  44. Duc Nguyen ha detto:

    Dam they pulled so many celebs in this bit…