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Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

HIGH SCHOOL ADVICE: Tell me about your first day of high school down below! or if you have any helpful advice for others! The fir…
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Short Lip Dub produced by a handful of students, that included the entire 2013 Senior Class, featuring popular songs from their childhood. CLEARVIEW REGIONAL…
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10 Responses to “FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL?!”

  1. Emily Mayle ha detto:

    high school is nothinggg . i started on the 15th & it wasnt scary at all once i got there . i was soo stressed out but it was for no reasonn .

  2. EternalJudy ha detto:

    So you’re a senior? o_o You look like a Sophomore lol!

  3. bryannacovers ha detto:

    Thank you sososo much! I’m starting high school in 6 days and this is really helpful :).

  4. itspamelaxo ha detto:

    i’m so happy that this helped! also keep in mind that this was my own personal experience 🙂 everyone will have different experiences as all high schools are different! good luck on your first day and remember to have fun! 🙂

  5. Hallie Tenny ha detto:

    This was so helpful, I start high school in 2 weeks, and now i understand what to expect thanx so much. ☺

  6. Amanda Cavachino ha detto:

    This was really helpful especially the part where you gave suggestions on how to start a convo with people..those were actually pretty casual questions and this is like the only video that actually helped me ..thanks so much ! <3

  7. Pearl4245 ha detto:

    I remember my first day of high school lol Totally Lost >.< Awesome Video <3

  8. t train ha detto:


  9. MrJkrule ha detto:

    you’ll never know how fun this was to make try to find a cowboy hat

  10. ItsNemix ha detto:

    never fails to make me laugh, gotta love the grads 😀