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25 commenti su “Fix Facebook News Feed/Live Feed Settings

  1. angelicbytch86 il said:

    i hate the continuous scrolling newsfeed above the chat box. why do i care what pic or staus my friends like or be informed when or what they comment on 24/7, or them having the nosey box tell them what im doing when on facebook… how do i change settings for that?

  2. SirMarcGermani il said:

    fuck facebook… and by the way, fuck your friends too, haha what i mean is, don’t give a shit if they see what you comment and like, it’s your opinion, and if they spend their time reading what others comment, they are losers and have nothing to do

  3. phoebeewatson il said:

    How do you put your profile picture in news feed on facebook timeline?(:

  4. RebelOfDominator il said:

    if i comment on youtube it shows it on facebook WTF :/

  5. carnegy89 il said:

    hi, you dont know how to unblock peoples mobile feeds do you, iv tried going to privacy settings and manage blockings, but it does not work

  6. Adis Babaca il said:

    i need ask you something about my facebook my friends keep disapearing kapol disapearing so have question can you make video how fix disapearing friends to apear i tryed add friends they werent there must be something wrong with facebook my causin didnt delete me i just know shes my family can you help ficx recover friends on facebook i would be happy if you do facebook really disapointing me they keep disapearing just like that they just added me really enoing can you help

  7. Bryant Mock il said:

    Why is there not a list of ‘fan pages’ or ‘like pages’ just as with my ‘friend’ pages? I have found them through my edit profile page. I am not getting updates on my wall from some of my like pages such as Sundance. How do adjust whom I get updates from? I have toiled through fbook help pages for two hours now until I went to youtube for help. This is where I found you. Thanks.

  8. Jilani il said:

    yeah there is just goto account seeting den goto apps on ur lefthand side then find adds and pages the window will open u can change there,if u cant find adds and pages in ur apps put a status asking yur frds to goto ur profile andd unsubscribe from ur likes and comments……..

  9. Flori Horan il said:

    yes go to account settings then go to nontifications, and there will be sections and a square with a check mark in it you just click it and unclick as much as you want to then click save settings hope i helped!

  10. Kazcinelo95 il said:

    idk if anyone else has this problem but on the right side of the page usually where it shows who has poked you and says what events are going on and birthdays i now how like another newsfeed just saying someone likes someones status and shows what they wrote on their statuses. I really dont want it anymore anyone know how to get rid of it

  11. rachelngeoff il said:

    Probably cause that person has it blocked from you…

  12. kjbaumga il said:

    true, and no offense to you, but they make sooo many bad decisions.  since i don’t know (a) what crazy thing they’ll do next, and (b) they don’t *tell* users what they do–they just make changes as they please– and (c) you never know who can see what you post, the effect on me is clear: I post about a tenth as much as I would otherwise, reducing their ad revenue by about 90 percent for this user. They depend for $ on users not knowing that (a), (b), and (c) are true.

  13. hy3unit il said:

    how come my friends cant see my recent activities??? they dont see what i commented or what picture i commented…..but on other peoples pages it shows everything PLEASE HELP ME!!

  14. theflamingpi il said:


    I know you commented to someone else, but I think I may be able to help both of you. Facebook removed the ability to stop other people from seeing posts you make on your friends’ pages, walls, wall comments, etc. Since everything you post on Facebook is considered public, and is also controlled by Facebook (in some cases owned by), they get to determine who sees what. They generate money from ads. If your reply can generate a click to a new page, new ads load. New ads==money.

  15. NosLycn il said:

    Is there a way to stop facebook from putting everything I like, every comment I make, and my every last move on my friends’ news feeds?

  16. Mark Johnson il said:

    Is there a way to have your Twitter friends updates appear on your Facebook live feed?

  17. zorba lovesdorayaki il said:

    i can’t go to facebook ,how can i do this?

  18. dancetech il said:

    nope doesnt work – still no links or posts or anything appears on freinds’ walls – no fixes work either – but the question is: name me ONE website where such simple functionality which is the core of the sites function doesnt just work as it should? you cant name one, lol.

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