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Getting Ready: First Day of High School!

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Getting Ready: First Day of High School!

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42 Responses to “Getting Ready: First Day of High School!”

  1. Beauty adicted ha detto:

    Love the shoes!

  2. Brianda Polanco ha detto:

    Beutybycanela copied beuty by sienna!! That’s my fav beuty girl.

  3. jalyn coleman ha detto:

    Disclosure -latch

  4. BeautyByCanela ha detto:

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  5. SickandTired ha detto:

    We’re the same age! But I dress like a hobo compared to you.

  6. adriannesvdw ha detto:

    Thumbs up for RHCP! <3

  7. Jessica Karsner ha detto:

    Jeez, apparently someone couldn’t read what I said above

  8. lindsay ha detto:

    her face her decision

  9. Emmiexoxo15 ha detto:

    Your eyes look like Brooklyn and Baileys!

  10. irenedance98 ha detto:

    what concealer does she use?

  11. TheMadiClaire ha detto:

    True dat! (Comment below me)

  12. dontthinkjustpink ha detto:

    heyy guys thanks for reading this if any of you have time can you please come check out my channel??? and maybe even subscribe??

  13. Lada Kol ha detto:

    whose id doesn’t turn out horrible?

  14. lola x ha detto:

    where did u buy your jeffrey campbell homg shoes? ive looked everywhere online and they’re either sold out or in bigger sizes… please answer 🙂

  15. Jessica Karsner ha detto:

    she said she was in 9th grade? i’m pretty sure she’s not 18 or something? and why are ya’ll taking this comment so offensively jeez. It’s an OPINION. I didn’t say she looked ugly or that she’s wearing heavy makeup. I didn’t insult her so stop getting defensive. I just don’t think she needs it because she has no need for it. She is already pretty. It’s not like I was trying to tell her what to do.

  16. CrystalLove ha detto:

    and ur not her mom and shes not wearing heavy makeup

  17. CrystalLove ha detto:

    why not and how do u kno what age she is….

  18. Jessica Karsner ha detto:

    it’s an opinion. Don’t take it so harsh jeez. You act as you don’t have a view on anything in your life.

  19. OhItsBlake ha detto:

    shut up. anyone can wear makeup. i hate when ppl say that

  20. OhItsBlake ha detto:

    What’s that red thing on her head?

  21. Jessica Karsner ha detto:

    You’re like 13-14. You don’t need any makeup

  22. cheeka122 ha detto:

    your really pretty

  23. Allyislifee xo ha detto:

    Maddi can you please tell me what are those songs you used? Really need to know!

  24. Mya Chappell ha detto:

    My school starts at 9:10am

  25. Jocelyn Chirino ha detto:

    My school starts at 7:30 which sucks I know how it feels

  26. Oğuz Sevil ha detto:

    gevur kezban.

  27. WHShipster ha detto:

    but at my Waldorf school we start at 8:45

  28. WHShipster ha detto:

    in the Cali, Colombia Waldorf School, school starts at 6:45

  29. Camryn L ha detto:

    I click on your ads on purpose.

  30. Sam Lautner ha detto:

    And we have to have our hair up with a ribbion and no makeup. (Not even lipgloss/lipbalm) WTF school??

  31. Sam Lautner ha detto:

    My school starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:05pm and we’re not allowed electronics at ALL! We have to report to the front office in the morning. We’re not allowed on computers unless its for assignments and we never have a free dress day. I once got 1 week detention for wearing the wrong colour hair clip in my hair. (It was black not navey blue, the school colour is navvy blue. Stupid school 🙁

  32. Jinu Pappachan ha detto:

    Yup this website here is just sending out comletely free White Apple new iPad’s for today only.

    You do have to be fill out your address but it is all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up!

  33. Pieyochurt Loverxx ha detto:

    My school starts at 8:45, and my school is really fun lol srry

  34. jennie saldana ha detto:

    The bell rings at 7:20 but the teacher isn’t allowed to talk to us till 7:30.

  35. faisal khirbit ha detto:

    The awesome thing is that my school doesn’t start for a month 🙂

  36. Shaughn April ha detto:

    i start at 8:30 WOW i feel bad for you guys

  37. Emily Batres ha detto:

    WTF I START AT 7:00

  38. Diamond S ha detto:

    My school doesn’t start until 8:00 But we have to be there 7:30 idgi

  39. Grace Carrillo ha detto:

    My middle school starts at 7:20

  40. Mitsy Koko ha detto:


  41. Alex sierra ha detto:

    I totally agree. i have to wake up and catch the bus at 6:40. And get to school the same time. It sucks. And why cant we just listen to music. Ive never been a favorite. Every teacher hates me. I dont evem know why. Haha

  42. norwegianspace ha detto:

    My college starts at 10:00 fucking wiiiiiiiiiiiin!