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20 commenti su “Gisele Bundchen Fashion Retrospective 1998-2003

  1. m dl il said:

    Too bad that she along with all the ones that really know how to walk a catwalk do so for a very short time and then only appear every once in a while……

  2. m dl il said:

    No the road didn’t come by chance, she started in modeling school at age eleven, there are even videos. It took a life time of training, hard work and dedication to get to were she is. Its no Cinderella story, she said so herself. As per that famous Big Mac at the Shopping Mall, she was actually at a modeling sort of meet and greet with her agency over at Sao Paulo. I really like her and her dedication, and she’ll be the first one to tell you that nothing is by chance or luck, just hard work.

  3. bia santos il said:

    serve de inspiração para as meninas como eu que sonham em ser modelo! :)

  4. Gustavo Zepeda il said:

    My number one model, supermodel, übermodel… Name it and she most definitely be #1 forever! Go Gisele!

  5. Gustavo Zepeda il said:

    Does anybody knows the show that she’s in at :25?

  6. eizhowa il said:

    I find it ironic that Kate Moss is singing in the background. Supermodel of an entirely different caliber.

  7. AndrewwKnows il said:

    it was like in 2003 that she had her signature walk all done :) i noticed

  8. dannilevil il said:

    Is ridiculous how beautiful she is, I had the opportunity to see her in person in Miami once for a fashion show since I was backstage, she looked even better in person, like some Twilight vampire, so hot it hurts :)

  9. medstredom il said:

    lol not like she is saying that, she’s a supermodel, thats just her job and your just jealous much!

  10. oxKiKiDarLingxo il said:

    She is super gorgeous. I love her to the core. My number one SUPERMODEL! Ever

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