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25 commenti su “Gisele Bundchen, Top Model | FashionTV 15th Anniversary Special

  1. LivingForTheJoker999 il said:

    I know, but she is considered as one because she did better than most ever did. Even Linda Evangelista considers her as one.

  2. MeowingDottedFoxyCat il said:

    Wasn’t she in the movie Taxi?? It looks like her

  3. Kevin Zegers il said:

    Meybe she doesn t have any waist but she has breast and amazing body. Most models now look like young boys. Love u Gisele!

  4. lettheonerightin il said:

    ugliest face EVER even with her new nosejob… she doesn’t have any waist! i preffer Adriana Lima 100 times.

  5. Primo Lemanu il said:

    Listen to the song people they are making Gisele ugly, even though he is just

  6. TheAndrew35945 il said:

    She isn’t even from the Supermodel era that ended in 1997 she didn’t get big till 1999

  7. longisthenight il said:

    She officialy is the last from this era, period.

  8. havenization il said:

    Why do the camera move all janky , keep the model in the whole frame

  9. taaylah il said:

    Whoops you are right. I was looking at videos of Isabeli before I typed that so I guess I was thinking about her.

  10. TheAndrew35945 il said:

    @Lucky Anh Tuan I now but she still isnt a supermodel. Just a great model

  11. Lucky Anh Tuan il said:

    But she ended the Heroin Chic era started by Kate Moss, she’s been the world’s highest paid model since 2004, she was the queen of Victoria’s Secret during her reign, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld love her

  12. TheAndrew35945 il said:

    Great model but she’s no supermodel and her walk aggravates me she arches her back to much

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