High School Football Player Dies After Tackle

High School Football Player Dies After Tackle

Atlanta (CNN) — A suburban Atlanta high school football player has died from injuries suffered while making a tackle during a scrimmage game, according to m…
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Spring High School #Stabbing: Life Flight Responds As Photos Of Blood Surface In Houston A Life Flight helicopter responded to a stabbing this morning at Sp…

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15 commenti su “High School Football Player Dies After Tackle

  1. Matias calle il said:

    things like this make me scared to plat football, rip

  2. NoApologies1000 il said:

    Huh, head what up? Maybe we’re teaching kids to tackle the wrong way.

  3. TacTicaLFusHiON il said:

    Nope there mexican they are in this dumb wanna be clicke named brown pride i was at school when they stabbed him and he died bleeding out on the floor i saw wat happend Josh will be missed

  4. Tessa Rashawn il said:

    @lonniedobbins..CLEARLY, they r Black as tar. Or…maybe I need glasses.

  5. lonniedobbins il said:

    I came to the conclusion that the suspects may have been white when they haven’t shown them, given their names and no coverage on main stream media.

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