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High School Musical 2 – You Are The Music in Me

Posted on 17 Dicembre 2012

High School Musical 2 - You Are The Music in Me

The second single “You Are The Music In Me” from the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie “High School Musical 2”, sequel of the hits movie High School Musica, that coming 17 August 2007 on Disney Channel US, and on entire Europe in september. Il secondo singolo “You Are The Music in Me” dal prossimo Disney Channel Original Movie “High School Musical 2”, sequel del film successo High School Musical, che arriva il 17 agosto 2007 su Disney Channel USA, e nell’intera Europa a settembre.

25 Responses to “High School Musical 2 – You Are The Music in Me”

  1. mateo6156 ha detto:

    esta peli y las musicas son geniales los amo a zac efron y vanessa son lindos ,e encantan

  2. laurealexandra ha detto:

    oh yeaaaaa

  3. narutofan5122 ha detto:

    troy is sexy i love him

  4. parkhee22rocks ha detto:

    troy is sooooooooooo sexy. am i right???

  5. caballeroverde0 ha detto:

    sssy shsss bknm

  6. latitefleurauthantik ha detto:

    <3 ii lOove

  7. pinkpuma24 ha detto:

    My goodness, look how much younger they are. I think Zac was like eighteen here.

  8. 1995NessaJu1995 ha detto:

    you are the music in me…great song…one ofthe best´s
    …beautiful…zanessa 4evr..
    idol 4ever

  9. Marrymoi ha detto:

    (: i’m not hsm fan but this song is good


  10. lchen123ify ha detto:

    good song

  11. laniiiiii1 ha detto:

    i love this song.! zac&vanessa are sooo cute!

  12. FHS4LIFE24 ha detto:

    1:00-1:02 tht is all i have 2 say

  13. Tefita231 ha detto:

    this song is the best . . of course . . I love it 😀

  14. cdnavarre ha detto:

    جميل للشباب المراهق

  15. TheLyakush ha detto:

    je to fakt super ale melibi davat na telce i 3 jinak to je nanic

  16. Draconamon ha detto:

    u say this what 5million people think

  17. adyboss10 ha detto:

    I love how the 2 sing… they make a nice pair – thx for the vid

  18. kkfromCANnBDA ha detto:

    I (L) this song.

  19. elkapo26466473 ha detto:


  20. 3WEN3 ha detto:

    say your crushes name twice. say your best friend’s name 5 this comment to 5 videos. Press f8 and your crushes name will appear

  21. gogakid321 ha detto:

    You are the music in me !

  22. Silketjelove ha detto:

    I want that i could sing like that!
    It must be fantastic!
    High School Musical is the best!

  23. LATVIA53911 ha detto:

    fuck you zac. You are more terrible than my maths teacher! BOOO! FUCK YOU ZAKC! FUC U ASSLEY! FUKC U NIGR HSM2!

  24. Darkichigo97 ha detto:

    Wow veramente bravi!!!!!
    you are music in me

  25. buxgirlls ha detto:

    1,2,3 hsm abalou nós de vez