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13 thoughts on “High school musical 3 – canzone “Walk Away”

  1. francesca9821 il said:

    viva hsm1,2 e 3 tutti bellissimi e viva zac

  2. HeyJulietGirl il said:

    ok please read this and do not make fun of it cuz it will work!!!!!!! think ok something u really really want!!!!!got it????sweet!!!now by the end of this countdown make a wish!!!!!
    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    make a wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!now write this 2 ten other videos with in an hour and your dream will come true!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK

  3. MemoryDrops il said:

    belle immagini, bella canzone ma è più bello zac……..tvb by elly

  4. alessandradichiara il said:

    la canzone è bellissima.. adoro hsm3^^ !!

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