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High School Trailer (2012)

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

High School Trailer (2012)

High School Trailer (2012). Join us on Facebook ! Best comedies are Here :…

25 Responses to “High School Trailer (2012)”

  1. Antonis Demian ha detto:


  2. Devon Walker ha detto:

    This is was filmed in Howell Michigan

  3. The Weiss Man ha detto:

    Aaand, we have a winner for which movie to watch.

  4. lars tynning ha detto:


  5. nikoincroatia ha detto:

    “I know friends who have seen things and myself have seen things when smoking weed”

  6. korni781 ha detto:

    Thiers This Guy Physco ed , he burned something out in his frame…

  7. OtakuMovies ha detto:

    When did I say anything about myself?

  8. nikoincroatia ha detto:

    Oh please. Someone laced your weed with something.

  9. nikoincroatia ha detto:

    Like they said in the trailer: Steal it from a dealer

  10. ru$ty~nai1~g8m0r ha detto:

    the last parts not weed……thats acid bro

  11. goldifying ha detto:

    Looks like….
    Everyone got HIGH at SCHOOL

  12. rebeccarocknroll ha detto:

    agreed, I am totally confused

  13. comi31 ha detto:

    i heard about a guy, they call him psycho ed or something 😀

  14. Luke Heijboer ha detto:

    This movie is awesome

  15. liniaudiophile ha detto:

    Such a great actor acting in that movie? 🙁

  16. alexlalisoccer100 ha detto:

    where can I watch this?

  17. Darell Vescas ha detto:

    Nice movie.




  18. Wiromax3 ha detto:

    what what?

  19. Emin Hodzic ha detto:

    hmm, grow your own? :D

  20. Pardeep Jotder ha detto:

    high school 2010

  21. MrCarecada ha detto:

    any one knows the movie name pleasee??????

  22. Steph Turner ha detto:

    Adrien Brody

  23. Cody Gladue ha detto:


  24. Cody Gladue ha detto:

    1:53 lol

  25. Cody Gladue ha detto:

    1:53 what what hahahaha 😛