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Francesco Totti Skills - Best of

FM ENTERTAIMENT presents: The best and longest professional Video Tribute to Francesco Totti, striker and captain of the italian seria A football team AS Rome. (aka il capitano or the gladiator). This Video is a compilation of Totti’s best goals and tricks. He is Probably the best italian football player of all times. Made more than 200 goals for his team. His incredible technique and skills made him also captain of the italian national team “squadra azzurra”. Look at the insane scenes of a hundred of matches against top uefa champions league and teams like Juventus Turin, AC Milan or Inter Milan. Amazing free kicks, penaltys and fouls. Most Scenes in very good quality. See Italy’s hero making nutmeg, bicycle kick, roulette and breathtaking axe pass. Heel, head or foot, Francesco Totti makes goals out of nowhere and from any position. Totti is already a legend in Italy and the whole sports world. This Star is a real champion and an idol for millions of fans all around the world. Watch it! It’s a must watch;) Deadly shoot over long distance, cucchiaio, dirty foul, unbelievable dribbling, juggling, heading, passing and tunneling skills, very good ball control, panna, rabona, hocus pocus, sent off , FIFA world cup, joga bonito, italian cup, coppa italia, sky sports, rai uno, due, tre, sport. season 1995-2010, freesytle, free kick, dribble, juggle, game, vs, Juventus Turin, AC Milano, Inter Milano, AS Roma, SSC Napoli, US Palermo, Lazio Roma, Derby, AC Fiorentina, Sampdoria
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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44 commenti su “House Of Wronga PARADE | TILT | SKRILLEX | IKKI

  1. Margalus89 il said:

    @houseofwronga si fa sempre a marzo? mi piacerebbe venire

  2. houseofwronga il said:

    @Margalus89 questo video è tratto dalla house of wronga parade 2011 😉 skrillex ospite nel 2012? mai dire mai

  3. Margalus89 il said:

    questo video di che evento è esattamente? anno scorso? lo rifate?

  4. houseofwronga il said:

    @stefanosounds Gerruzz – Biohazard (Hack The System Remix)

  5. stefanosounds il said:

    di chi è la prima song del video? mi fa impazzire!!!!!!!!!!!
    se potete fatemi sapere.

  6. FrKAnc il said:

    thats what I’m talking about fellas !!! its no fucking doubt that we know how to fucking party over this shity country!!!! this is the only motherfucking reason why I would get back home to finish my bloody studies!

  7. chedoxgris il said:

    Guys, when will you be in Prague, please, Pařit každy den!

  8. capuuuut il said:

    hey guys, what camera and objective did you used for this video? also, what effects in video edit program?

  9. TheNove1108 il said:

    @houseofwronga I know, but thanks for the info again. 😉 I hope, that I can persuade my friends to visit you in the Autumn Break. :)
    That is in 2 weeks. Is there any special event?

  10. houseofwronga il said:

    @TheNove1108 thanks mate, we are from milan, italy ;)

  11. TheNove1108 il said:

    So Amazing, I’m from germany and sweared that I will go there, whatever it’ll cost! 😀

  12. houseofwronga il said:

    @0Marketts0 First Track: Gerruzz – Biohazard (Hack The System Remix)


    Third Track: Haezer – Dominator (IKKI Remix)

  13. 0Marketts0 il said:

    Can some1 let me know the names of the various songs? Please, they r so nice 😀

  14. Findus813 il said:

    La barra dei “non mi piace” è come il pene di Lady Gaga:
    piccolo, e non dovrebbe stare lì.
    Comunque sto video mi fa uscire pazzo!

  15. cesarchivas1991 il said:

    if totti was a gladiator he would be really bad ass

  16. 365549 il said:

    Totti th best playmaker in history…10 10 10…no totti no football….as roma,rome ,gladiator,wolf ,italy

  17. Aleojeda96 il said:

    como es que este gran jugador nunca gano un balon de oro???? alguien me lo explica??? FT10

  18. 7HugoAbdon il said:

    TOTTI is my favorite player . He is the most complete and talented player ! 

  19. ostrichman68 il said:

    To me totti is nearly one of the best player ever as he can do more skills and more technical things then messi, the only striker I think is better than him is obviosly Pele

  20. avolgorde1 il said:

    he was one big starplayer!! its to bad he getting old

  21. brianaxel2915 il said:

    Il capitanooo !!! el mejor del mundoo !! inigualableee !! gladiator !!
    forzaaa romaa !! dajee Totti

  22. 7HugoAbdon il said:

    Totti is the best attack player Ever ,

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