How to get a new facebook news feed 7.3.2013

How to get a new facebook news feed – pro.
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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a new look for Facebook. How can you be among the first to experience it? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has the “Short Answer”….
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Precedente l'activation du nouveau news feed Facebook Successivo How To Make Money Online And Quit Your Job

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  1. RL Production! il said:

    How to get it ? /q7KIdlfhBI0
    Just give it a check.

  2. Michael K il said:

    “no ads, no add!” Well use Firefox, with the adss on called AdBlock Plus. It STOPS the adds in their tracks!

  3. TechDesign36 il said:

    Join tha waitlist for this:

  4. I Give Away Free Money. View My Youtube Videos. il said:

    MARK<< if you could be ever so kind as to contact me, Thank you in advance, Brad.

  5. kmarinas86 il said:

    If I wanted bigger pictures on Facebook, all I have to do is press CTRL and + on my keyboard. holidayinthehills is right. woopie fuck’n do

  6. Mike Valverde il said:

    You got it from Twitter I got the news from this video on youtube, and neither of us got it from facebook…hmph

  7. MrSP1N3R il said:

    facebook trying to get a twitter/mashable/instagram/pinterest look 😉 #fail we already left 😉

  8. USEditor il said:

    ***** HA! What a wonderful zinger at the end — “… on Twitter.”

  9. Reginald Alston il said:

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  10. regentstreettv il said:

    Interesting new features – bigger photos seems like a good idea.

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