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I Forgot My Phone

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Written by/Starring Charlene deGuzman Directed by Miles Crawford With (in order of appearance) Jacob Womack Nick Luciano Ani Baker Sabrina London Sean London…

SINGLE [FALLING IN LOVE] ▷ iTunes: ▷ eBay: ▷ YG-eshop: ▷ …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “I Forgot My Phone”

  1. bellyjoker ha detto:


  2. Mirko Bruzzone ha detto:

    Bello. Hai perfettamente ragione! È come in tutte le cose: non si deve esagerare!

  3. Carissa Cody ha detto:

    guilty as charged

  4. Kelly Jonathan ha detto:

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  5. Lori Vezina ha detto:

    This does strike a nerve–live in the moment and be present-you most likely will erase the video weeks later after never having watched it. I for one am going to internalize this video and live more “in the moment”. Thank-you Charlene!

  6. MARC TREPANIER ha detto:

    Everybody seems very happy all connected with the phone

  7. Coryzaliaa ha detto:

    I don’t use a smartphone. I feel what you feel, girl. ugh.

  8. alexocloug ha detto:

    I’ll never have this shit

  9. tghwinner1995 ha detto:

    This is TRUE…:(

  10. Meggy G ha detto:

    It’s funny how majority of the people here say that they feel like this girl on the video, whilst the true majority of people are the ones with the smartphones in their hands all the time 🙂 haha. Maybe, the people that came to watch this video are the ones that don’t use smartphones… but I really doubt it 😛

  11. JaySmurkzTV ha detto:

    this, I feel like people are being melodramatic on this issue. It’s all a phase.

  12. MrDobika ha detto:

    not all of them are smartphone… there are apples lol..

  13. ComicalAbsurdity ha detto:

    I should start doing this to people.

  14. syncman2x ha detto:

    I concur, go to Mars; just because your friends are now more glued to these toys, than the nerds like me, who’m you used to physically assult in primary school…

  15. Brickelz ha detto:

    I feel like that woman.

  16. theGALE2903 ha detto:

    Go to Mars…you still have time..

  17. Noa Free ha detto:

    I hate phones. And I hate people who are glued to it. God this planet sucks.

  18. Michael Khachatrian ha detto:

    Oh My God , it’s all realistic . I cant imagine my life without iPhone

  19. Alicia Monique ha detto:

    This is so accurate. I feel like the girl in the video, although I admit I can spend up to an hour on my phone watching youtube and talking to my friends, i’m always the one who is talking and everyone else has their phones out texting the person they are sat next to. No focus on anything at all, apart from their phone. Ever since the internet was introduced into everyday life, people can’t be bored for even a second before they have to start doing something. We live in a mindless generation.

  20. OherOnameOisOniaO ha detto:

    KOHARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!

  21. Jason Lee ha detto:

    oops, CL looks like Tina in Thatnikonguy

  22. Gen Poso ha detto:

    hahahha! Dara is so adorable! ^_^ kk^^ super duper cute <3

  23. elimiluegg ha detto:


  24. pink hello ha detto:

    완전 이뻐 봄봄봄~~

  25. Thomas Deliyn ha detto:

    3:45 lol Park Bom can’t eat good because her face is so full of Botox!

  26. Boomtasticness ha detto:

    Dara needs our help on Mnet.. Please vote for our Goddess!

  27. Laprincesavampire ha detto:

    2NE1, VENEZUELA *o*

  28. 2NE1BJ21 ha detto:

    2ne1 the best

  29. 2NE1BJ21 ha detto:

    <3 2ne1

  30. jopetzausa ha detto:

    Beautuful peoples of yg

  31. cheetahlisious00 ha detto:

    Thank you YG for subtitles UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE **cough cough SM** you understand that a lot of your fans speak English!!

  32. milysampson ha detto:

    does anyone know when their next single is coming out?

  33. Raja Alissa ha detto:

    I love you CL (:

  34. Miranda Mugi ha detto:

    i’m so in love with cl it’s unreal ;~:

  35. Zelo Bap ha detto:

    i love i love i love i love i love CL <3

  36. Zelo Bap ha detto:

    <3 CL <3 CL <3 CL <3 CL <3 CL <3

  37. Vanellope Von Schweetz ha detto:

    can u sub this in english? please..

  38. Kim Yong In ha detto:

    Sandara XD

  39. ana aien ha detto:

    ♡♡MINZY♥♥ S.A.R.A.G.H.A.E.Y.O UNNIE!!

  40. Jekyll Hyde ha detto:

    No you don’t

  41. Jekyll Hyde ha detto:

    1:37 Super Bommie

  42. Serena Lim ha detto:


  43. valberseguins1 ha detto:

    CL super voz legal !

  44. Kim Jasmina ha detto:

    Bom and Dara are so funny,and so freaking pretty,love 2ne1.