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Jason Derulo Crashes A High School Prom! (Culver City High School 6.1.13)

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Buy Jason Derulo’s The Other Side on iTunes here: Jason Derulo crashed Prom @ Culver City High School in Los Angeles at the Belasco T…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Timpview Thunderbirds host the Pleasant Grove Vikings.
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27 Responses to “Jason Derulo Crashes A High School Prom! (Culver City High School 6.1.13)”

  1. Jozzy Ortez ha detto:


  2. selma elg ha detto:

    jason derulo ♥

  3. SKTHERAPPER ha detto:

    if you love @jasonderulo as much as i do, check this out, hes my inspiration! my team is looking to send this song to him soon:))) #yoayo #derulo

  4. younggreen6 ha detto:

    yo bro you should come to mine I only have two one this year my junior year then my senior year cant wait for it this year

  5. SupahPie ha detto:

    I hope u do that when I’m in high school

  6. graciescott1 ha detto:

    I would die :O

  7. SharKwORDT95 ha detto:

    yeah you’re right. he even remarked on how he felt naked next to the nominees for prom king.

  8. SharKwORDT95 ha detto:

    I personally thought it was kinda awk when everyone got shirtless.

  9. cndoh mwelase ha detto:

    lucky dem mmmm!!!

  10. Nigel Richards ha detto:

    yo you are my bestest singer ever in my live can you cume to my prom i am i n england but when i am in year 6

  11. Zeba Khan ha detto:

    Go Team!!! #JasonDerulo

  12. RagingGamer566 ha detto:

    Come to mine

  13. hide n seakers ha detto:

    here i am;)

  14. goldenage6 ha detto:

    its funny cuz goldenage6 and hide n seakers r both my accounts n they both have high liked comments:)

  15. goldenage6 ha detto:

    jason please message mee!!!;)

  16. SPARTANc00KI343 ha detto:

    i twisted my ankle trying to dance like him.

  17. abigailwong2019 ha detto:

    why can’t he crash my math class ;(

  18. ashleigh simpson ha detto:

    luv u jason derulo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Sadiyo Hassan ha detto:

    yeah he does….it’s like at the end

  20. Kristina Pramay-Kissy ha detto:

    Omg i want him to crash my prom when i have one lol

  21. SKTHERAPPER ha detto:

    this is a new song that could possibly be on jasons new albm after tatoos late next year, lemme know your “deruler” opinion on it;))) #deruler #yoayo

  22. TheDa3H ha detto:

    -_- c’mon man…

  23. AnotherAnimeArtist ha detto:

    i think it’s trying to communicate. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?!?

  24. SMJW27410 ha detto:

    Both my brother and my sister didnt go to their prom. my sister has her sixth form prom next year (englands after school education if you didnt know) 🙂

  25. WATCHit Utah Timpview High School ha detto:

    Thank you for pointing this out, The students that do the announcing are learning. please forgive the comments, we are working with the students to approach the announcing more professionally.

  26. Blake Barney ha detto:

    0:27:51 …”slips like an idiot”…what? Showing your colors there….

  27. Pat Erickson ha detto:

    Due to a slight technical difficulty with the internet filtering system, we missed the first kickoff where Brittan Covey (Timpview) ran it all the way for the first touchdown of the evening!

    We are still working out the resolution issues, but we’ll get it.