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24 commenti su “Johnny Cash, [email protected] S.Quentin – Folsom Prison Blues

  1. DmitriyPra il said:

    американский шансон, ага.

  2. mannyamaya il said:

    @JakkaFaenza no it’s worse…. meth and dubstep

  3. TTTTTTTTomas il said:

    :-) 0:52 … No wonder that we´re in hate with you 1st Devil smiles while following satanist, 2nd disrespect to any natural, hystorical, legal and higher law, 3rd all subsituted by believe in nothing. Enjoy a beautiful ride back; some would call it long and hard way to the light but these …. Hold on the worser they´re getting on or how worser is their situation the better they´re acting. It is called boosting caused by a special moment in their lives; you´re recordered while confessing … :-)

  4. TTTTTTTTomas il said:

    :-) … It´s my unpleasant commitment to say: there were wonderful days of SUPERJOHNNY BEING SO SWEET … 0:06 A BUBBLE PART OF BUBBLES … :-I

  5. mopo30 il said:

    @JakkaFaenza The wages of sins is death. In all aspects techno being the death of the mind by musical terrorism :)

  6. duggan6592 il said:

    @Stherko20 I wish people would fuck off with this Justin Bieber shite…I think he’s shit but he’s richer and more successful then you’ll ever be

  7. FabioFalzarano il said:

    0:12 he could be james hetfield’s father…

  8. Andydork11 il said:

    Hey I did a great cover on Johnny cash on the song fulsom prison blues. It’s better then any other cover song you will here no auto tune and its not Johnny cash. It’s me so check it out on sound cloud under Johnny cash called johnny cash Andy get rd

  9. michiel20 il said:

    that’s because you don’t look hard enough

  10. Stherko20 il said:

    The only thing that could make this better is to replace “a man in Reno” with “Justin Bieber”

  11. brownsugarskom il said:

    His face at 0:14 hahahahahahaahahahahahahah

  12. GrlLeastLikelyTo il said:

    @thirdeye86 Yes, but not in the way some musicians are badass now.
    It seems that nowadays, being “badass” is a way to get attention and fame.
    Johnny was badass because he was honest about the inglorious, unpleasant aspects of life. Things like self-loathing and despair, feeling like an emotional shithouse… those sorts of things weren’t seen as cool back in his day, and particularly not in the part of America which he was from.

  13. thirdeye86 il said:

    @GrlLeastLikelyTo Cash is Badass because singed in a prison over 40 years ago, when times and people was different from now. The fact is Johnny was a complete badass

  14. PurdyMusic il said:

    check out my acoustic songs listen to in the nighttime

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