NASA to Grow Veggies in Space!

GET OUR AWESOME NEW POSTER! Trisha & Ross salivate over the veggies they would eat/grow/befriend if they lived in space. Our Sources: h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 commenti su “NASA to Grow Veggies in Space!

  1. Bernard Gilbert il said:

    I read somewhere that hemp plants would be a good investment for future space farmers. Not only could you grow the hemp for food but also the hemp fibers could be used to make clothing. (Note I’m saying hemp, not weed.)

  2. whoarentyou il said:

    You could legally grow weed in space! There are no laws in space… yet…

  3. Matthew Bateman il said:

    space tomatoes and potatoes for french fries and ketchup

  4. Fernando Goncalves il said:

    I swear ross was saying faceplant … i was kinda hoping he and trisha would after that … im a bad person

  5. Paul Stevens il said:

    Pretty much anywhere habitable, get me into space I’m tired of this rock

  6. MrsMogsey il said:

    I know they hate this kinda thing, but after watching the end of this video, I totally ship Ross and Trish. Tross4eva <3

  7. DjPhysixProductions il said:

    i would grow space weed and call the strain “orbital”

  8. benarcher45 il said:

    We haven’t been to the moon since ’72, when I posed my question I was referring to the ISS. Also there is no UP or DOWN in zero gravity.

  9. Natasha Bolshakoff il said:

    they tried that on doctor who once… it turned them in to weird water monsters

  10. sasukekiller420 il said:

    trishmuff, high in a daily need of galactic fiber.

  11. Russell Jacobs il said:

    space rice with martian soy sauce while you’re on your way to Uranus ;P

  12. Tom Bom il said:

    Breaker Breaker, the aliens blew out carbonator number 4, trying to refuckulate and land on juniper, hope they have some space weed, Over.

    Bubbles I fucking hate playing space

    -Trailer Park Boys

  13. Banana Squid il said:

    The moon isn’t devoid of gravity, it’s just a lot less gravity than we are used to. But I’m sure it’s enough for a plant to know up from down.

  14. Peter Griffin il said:

    You were clearly dropped on your head as a baby, multiple times, and I’d say the majority of them were on purpose.

  15. Jade Walker il said:

    why would someone not let Niall take you home

  16. Sophia Chiva il said:

    Ths song is just perfect like they, I LOVE 1D, if you don’t like, shut up please, you are just jealpus because you can’t be famous like they !!! I love 1D !

  17. Tuppenny Butterquim il said:

    Please learn to spell if you wish to enter into a discussion about my so-called jealousy. You’re the one throwing a tantrum, not me. I’m perfectly calm.

  18. Peter Griffin il said:

    Right being themselves, after someone else created the idea for the video, gave them the lyrics to sing, someone else told directed them for the video, and well pretty much everything they did in their video they were told to do, this piece of shit video is just a waste of YouTube space used to advertise their incredibly failed movie.

  19. snorlaxpulls il said:

    1.They aren´t
    2.His problem are fangirls who are 10 like you.
    3.No fuck you
    4.Learn some english.

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