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One Direction – Just Can’t Let Her Go [BEST LYRIC VIDEO – demo version] HD

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

One Direction - Just Can't Let Her Go [BEST LYRIC VIDEO - demo version] HD

I’m aware its tempting animal not sexy! Nobody’s perfect, theres nothing i can do about it now that the video is uploaded. One Direction’s new single Just Ca…

24 Responses to “One Direction – Just Can’t Let Her Go [BEST LYRIC VIDEO – demo version] HD”

  1. Luana Lima ha detto:


  2. Jade Walker ha detto:

    I can’t wait until the full song comes out

  3. Kelly Ann ha detto:

    yes. YES

  4. Léa Mendez ha detto:

    Harry don’t love taylor. It’s just a big joke.

  5. JannekeCutie ha detto:


  6. Maryam C. ha detto:


  7. holly Sinclair ha detto:

    Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.

  8. archerygurl ha detto:

    Heheh my comment got 66 likes 🙂 yay GO 1D!

  9. archerygurl ha detto:

    What are you talking about?? Yeah, it is 1D… our fandom just leaked it so it’s not in iTunes or anything

  10. archerygurl ha detto:

    Why copy my comment??? I said the exact same thing 🙁 dats not cool man, not cool

  11. james hickey ha detto:

    How do they write good lyrics and chords I am just wrote my own song love somebody who you care about.
    I am going to make my own cd album I don’t know when

  12. Helena Leite ha detto:

    Very good!!!!

  13. safa zayn ha detto:

    My fav song now I looveee it I love u One Direction

  14. Eve Tilley ha detto:


  15. Cheska Cabarrubias ha detto:

    but it’s addicting !!

  16. Cheska Cabarrubias ha detto:

    i don’t think it’s for Taylor :((

  17. Erin Lea ha detto:

    Or it could be about that Sophia that Harry was meant to like

  18. Erin Lea ha detto:

    Aha it probs isn’t buy some parts makes me think its about Taylor like Harry’s but and she’s so mean and sh has. Song called mean xx

  19. Tessii23 ha detto:

    Its not ok that we leak tjeir songs BUT I GOTTA LOVE IT omg Midnight Memories is gonna be the best album forever!! *-*

  20. cloweys ha detto:

    It was yesterday…

  21. Dorothy Chua ha detto:

    I think the reply button is broken 🙂

  22. Brianna McCoy ha detto:

    Its ‘tempting’ animal. Not sexy.

  23. Haylee Wick ha detto:

    when did this come out

  24. Rayleigh Johnson ha detto:

    I’m pretty sure I broke the replay button… This song is so addicting!! Like this comment if your totally IN LOVE with the song! <3 One Direction!!