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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 commenti su “PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film)

  1. jeremyjamesdewitt il said:

    I literally have a tear coming down my cheek! That was fucking amazing!!! Brilliant work! Oh my god. I loved it! Such an original idea. Wonderful!

  2. SuperMrCRAZYMAN il said:

    I gotta say this is the best Fan made film ever made.

  3. firebirdguy il said:

    I completely agree with you on that statement i was thinking the same thing after watching this a lot of movies today could be made of the fan made movies ppl make on youtube that is the new materiel the big picture companies need to look into give the little guy a boost up and give us something new and exciting to watch

  4. Leonardo Marquez il said:

    So instead of this, they made a TV. show?! I’d prefer this than the TV. show.

  5. Ger Her il said:

    Good graphix, LAME story, but well there’s not much meat to the original

  6. Perry Morgan il said:

    I always thought a good Pac Man real life movie would be better if Pac Man was an anti-virus program and that he would delete the bad sectors of a hard drive. The ghosts would then be malware that would attempt to attack and delete him. The energizers could be coding upgrades that would help him take out the ghosts.

  7. Sam Fisher il said:

    His uniform is all wrong. To name 1 think he’s wearing ABU even though the patch readed US ARMY. He should be wearing ACU

  8. PawlyTigris il said:

    OMG Its OMNOMNOMNOMNOM at its fullest! ^^ Great Fan-Movie!

  9. harry schimpf il said:

    if this was a real movie it should be about how the ghost or spectrals escape and threaten america or the world or something and if there was a second one it should be about the enemy side builds miss pacman and then pacman and her have a huge battle for their countries

  10. harry schimpf il said:

    actually it jst means that she isnt a genius he didnt say she wasnt intelligent

  11. idkyoo il said:

    “for all you know she could be a genius” by your statement in counter it shows implications that being a porn star deters any reasons of intelligence.

  12. TheSmashMaster9000 il said:

    How the fuck was it implied that she was?

  13. idkyoo il said:

    it was surely implied. nothing wrong with being a porn star either.

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