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Riverton High School Wyoming Lip Dub 2012-2013

Posted on 14 Settembre 2013

Riverton High School Lip Dub 2012-2013.
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During my middle school and high school years, Ive always hated any kind of fight. Its stupid, pointless and consists of complete morons. PLEASE let me know …
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25 Responses to “Riverton High School Wyoming Lip Dub 2012-2013”

  1. FYC Plaza ha detto:

    Rant on world star!!! 😀

  2. Rose Gilliand ha detto:

    That would be an interesting video to do, on people using there cell’s to record just about whatever. I recently witnessed a car accident, my family and I helped to the best of our abilities but noticed people literally pulling over and getting there phones out then driving off. Well, and there was a bar across the street so we get stupid people saying, “Oh cool a car accident! Did you see it? Get your phone out!” Sadly, it wasn’t “cool” the poor girl was badly hurt.

  3. Lord Iheanacho ha detto:

    Fun Fact – Easiest way to stop a bully in his/her tracks, kick e’m in the crotch til their genitals bleed.

    Jk about the bloody genitalia part (unless you crazy enough to do it).

  4. mariaprnnnnnn ha detto:

    her eye fell to the floor and the principal picked it up.. lol

  5. Demon Rantz ha detto:

    Old boy tshirt

  6. RavensFlockOfDeath ha detto:

    Don’t forget the “WORLDSTAR!” repeated a thousand times….

  7. ananthusarat ha detto:

    A kid bullied me a few weeks ago, I did the responsible thing and punched him in the face before he punched me, he couldn’t even hit me because I was about half his size xD

  8. Connor Radcliffe ha detto:

    But there is times when people have to fight in highschool what about those?

  9. DanielRiver21 ha detto:

    You forgot those stupid girls who always yell “STop it guys” and tries to break it up

  10. Orazal Hernandez ha detto:

    You should try “relationships on fb” girls saying WCW (women crush Wednesday) or “like if u wanna marry me” -_- tbh that shit is annoying

  11. Orazal Hernandez ha detto:

    True, I’ve never seenva fight but its always the same shit

  12. josh hernandez ha detto:

    lol this was hilarious but you forgot about that one dude that always has the same comments in fight videos.
    “ey foo these foos dont no how 2 fight dogg.”
    “gay fight”
    “these pussy dont no how to fight”

  13. Преслава Костадинова ha detto:

    You. Are. A. Genius.

  14. Christopher Nguyen ha detto:

    thats true. all high school fights is only about getting attention and be cool and dangerous. all of that is bullshit.

  15. Nikkeh Kirkland ha detto:

    I agree! On the bus, I told this one girl to be quiet (politely) because she was talking too loud, and all the sudden she starts cursing at me and was telling me she was going to beat my ass -.-“

  16. TheNaresh308 ha detto:

    ” you were supposed to get the spread sheets lets go dog! ” LOL XD

  17. thomas jkiser ha detto:

    your a fat stupid prick…. whos never been laid … lol

  18. amusicalmelody ha detto:

    My lungs hurt from laughing so hard!

  19. omnimon64 ha detto:

    Her fucking eyeball fell out. Oh my god I tried so hard to suppress my laughter at 4 am.

  20. NerveKong ha detto:

    lol people were scared of me back in highschool for some reason,even the thiefs xD.i dont get it either,i even purposely went to an area alone and pull out some headphones and an ipod touch at the time leaving myself open to test the guys but they just left :p

    i find it odd,i even picked a place with no cameras around and completely quiet.

  21. Joshua Williams ha detto:

    I only ever got in fist fights with kids that were twice my size, that were popular, or were druggies. Sometimes you can’t stop fights from happening in some situations.

  22. Onlee V.I.SoneJack ha detto:

    yeaaah high school time’s over 8)

  23. xCatoblepasx ha detto:

    That wig killed me loooooooooool

  24. hector44697 ha detto:

    my school its 10 days

  25. ThatAsianYellOhh ha detto: