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Posted on 20 Febbraio 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Soundtrack – This Must be the Place – Sorrentino
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    That’s because there is no song to download.. Unless there is some mass demand for it I doubt I will be asked to record a full version

  2. xxx99FgMG ha detto:

    i don’t find the song 🙁

  3. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    Thank you again, much love to you for your wonderful comments 🙂 I may in the future do a full song of it 🙂

  4. Smile02love1 ha detto:

    @JARETHONLINE What? 😀 No song exists? And would you have stopped singing please? Still sing this song and I can not get out of it .. You are an amazing singer, songwriter .. really .. Awesome! And you Do not take that charmed me .. Your voice caresses us … And if ‘it really was, you would have stopped singing it? :)) Thanks ♥

  5. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    No worries your English is fine … There is no actual song it’s just a short piece for the commercial 🙂

  6. PeTTiii1 ha detto:

    @JARETHONLINE hi the song is really good!!!but whats the name of it? – i´m sorry my english is not very good, i know ^^

  7. magdalovescookies ha detto:

    what is this song called??

  8. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    I am so happy you like the song!!! It’s not Adele its me, Jareth .. I am an artist from England .. Look out for my release here in the UK “the feeling” in late spring.. Also I am featuring on a big dance record with Chris Lake in the states this spring with a song called “stand alone”.. It’s actually amazing

  9. SariMenma ha detto:

    I’m addicted to this song!
    So who knows this song, please tell! XD
    I’m still completely crazy otherwise!

  10. Smile02love1 ha detto:

    Oh!Very good song! ♥ Please song..This is Adele, but I can not find the song on youtube.Please, send me someone .. thanks :*

  11. andielikeandrea ha detto:

    Ich finde es nirgends :(

  12. 95Katjuscha ha detto:

    WIE HEIßT DAS LIED ???????????….. :s

  13. SternenEngel1 ha detto:

    What’s the name of this song?

  14. TooCrazy1040 ha detto:

    the music is awesome!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. pinky1787 ha detto:

    ich will dieses leid auch 🙁 🙁

  16. JojoMainstream ha detto:

    I will downloade this soooong! But how is the name of this Song?

  17. ThaDonGS ha detto:

    Great voice im in love o_o

  18. 2306060 ha detto:

    @imaksym Elisa Sednaoui

  19. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    @derdiedaspeer unfortunately it is just a short song for the purpose of the commercial so there is no full length version to download. But I am sure if there was a big enough demand the label would put me back in the studio to record a longer version 😉

  20. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    @mrsexy0650 unfortunately it is just a short song for the purpose of the commercial so there is no full length version to download. But I am sure if there was a big enough demand the label would put me back in the studio to record a longer version 😉

  21. JARETHONLINE ha detto:

    @Vampinka no worries your English is perfect! Thank you that brings such a smile on my face 🙂

  22. MRSEXY0650 ha detto:

    where can i download it ????

  23. Vampinka ha detto:

    I really thought it was Adele’s voice. I thought that as soon as I saw an ad on television. Incredible * – * you have an awesome voice;) (sorry for english, im not from english speaking countries :PP)

  24. derdiedaspeer ha detto:

    @JARETHONLINE is it just a short “song” for roberto cavalli’s perfume advertisement? or will you come up with a whole song?? (cause every time i hear that lines i get crazy!! :D)

  25. araberin1111 ha detto:

    @johny7even thank you but i’ve found it <3 <3 thanks

  26. FairplayCollective ha detto:

    Check out Michael Brunnock, he sings six songs on this soundtrack. It would be nice if he was in the tags.

  27. MrLuchinorm ha detto:

    bella pratica….

  28. kathouch ha detto:

    Magnifique !!!merci!!!

  29. nannivena ha detto:

    vorrei essere li

  30. fakeplasticjs4 ha detto:

    Erano mesi che cercavo questo pezzo del film.. grandissimo David Byrne!

  31. Tidicappahacca ha detto:

    E’ una gran bella scena, ma deve parecchio a Stop Making Sense.

  32. steyeu ha detto:

    @6mcguina yes, it’s him

  33. xCaro0w ha detto:

    Thank you for posting this video, I was looking for it for months … That’s so emotional …Thank you so much!

  34. BOMGOBONGO ha detto:

    @6mcguina yes

  35. crisbatta ha detto:

    film meraviglioso, e questa versione della canzone è stata impressionante! Immenso David Byrne!

  36. scizotts ha detto:

    Ole’ Penn! What an entrance.

  37. voglioscendere71 ha detto:

    mi sono emozionata come non mi accadeva da tempo nel vedere questo film, e le scene con David in particolare… grandissima musica…

  38. Klaryrock95 ha detto:


  39. 6mcguina ha detto:

    Is that Sean Penn?

  40. SaxerZz ha detto:

    Bel Film !!

  41. Pastafrollaweb ha detto:

    Piangere al cinema : D che bello!

  42. Mstrat86 ha detto:

    @jjdjdjd1 it is sean penn

  43. jjdjdjd1 ha detto:

    Great video. Wait, so that is or isn’t Sean Penn at the beginning/end?

  44. 206279 ha detto:


  45. ZapKite ha detto:

    al cinema me stavano a scende le lacrime..

  46. cornpopsandacid ha detto:

    sean penn?

  47. konemuseo ha detto:

    I loved the movie, the song and the scene just blow my mind!

  48. ripsaa2003 ha detto:

    my favorite song…awesome

  49. dugan2001 ha detto:

    commovente: il lento retrocedere della camera, il passaggio e l’intersecarsi delle due scene, tutto con movimento lento, il ritmo della musica, l’inchino della band, lo sguardo sul pubblico festante e lo sguardo di Sean Penn…. bellissima scena

  50. deif72 ha detto:

    Il massimo sarebbe avere avuto tutta la mitica band “Talking Heads” grande david, video stupendo.

  51. agrillabatcam ha detto:

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