Scuderia Ferrari Racing News n.2 (EN)

The 2012 Formula 1 Championship is just around the corner. Just before the start of the season, the presentation of the new single-seater and the first test sessions, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers were in a training camp in Lanzarote on the Canary Islands. In this issue of the Scuderia Ferrari Racing News Alonso, Massa, Bianchi and Rigon tell about their physical preparations, while Massimo Rivola and Stefano Domenicali talk about the importance of this event also to strengthen the team spirit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Ferrari Since 1947 http

The end of the year, time to make up a balance, time for expectations and goals for the next season: comments from Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the Scuderia Ferrari Racing news, with a Ferrari 150° Italia in a festive livery and a very special team of mechanics. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Ferrari Since 1947 http
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  1. Sarah1aze il said:

    Go, Go, Go FERNANDO :)
    Ferrari is the Best team in F1!!! <3

  2. DrazicKazty il said:

    Gracias por contar con Lanzarote para su preparación. Geniales imágenes.

  3. mariajllk il said:

    Great…Ferrari!!!Thanks a lot…&..Come Back to Lanzarote again!!!

  4. ActiveLanzarote il said:

    Thanks Ferrari for the video, good luck next season from all your friends in Lanzarote!

  5. lanzarotehotel il said:

    Great video Ferrari and thanks for choosing Lanzarote this is a great promotion for the Island’s tourism. Good luck next season!!

  6. memorizatelo il said:

    Ferrari drivers were in a Club la Santa Resort Sport on Lanzarote. La Santa village / nzeLx

  7. johariace il said:

    Thanks Ferrari Team. For your nice detail about my Lanzarote. Never Forget.Our fortune is Yours. This years winnners. Forza Ferrari.

  8. krisskross84 il said:

    Great Video, hope to see more videos like this in the future !!! Thank You Ferrari!

  9. QaLoO2 il said:

    فورزا فيراري

    لايك اذا جاي عن طريق موقع كورة

  10. chrisbryanprods il said:

    they werent treating that cycling session as a race at all…

  11. Richard97AUS il said:

    Completly agree with what Luca di Montezemolo said.

  12. Hulksperm il said:

    wishing all at Ferrari a happy Christmas,best wish’s for next season…what ever happend to Laura she was hot…

  13. kabukigang777 il said:

    massa will be out i think in 2012 mid i see ferrari will never have a competitive car they cant make new design

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