Sebastian Loeb Vs Valentino Rossi – Monza Rally Show 2011

Sebastian Loeb Vs Valentino Rossi - Monza Rally Show 2011

Rai Sport 2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a better video than the one I uploaded yesterday. The event is always the 2011 Monza Rally Show at Monza Circuit in Italy. In this event there are a lot of motorsporting stars like Valentino Rossi, Daniel Sordo, Sebastien Loeb and many others. The cars in the video are: Peugeot 207…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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373 commenti su “Sebastian Loeb Vs Valentino Rossi – Monza Rally Show 2011

  1. MiFetz il said:

    Mamma mia come guida quella macchina Loeb!! Io non muovo così bene il mio corpo!!

  2. jurkengik il said:

    @Delta1084 /watch?v=qCFa47rdAwY&feature=related QUI PUOI VEDERE IL POSTEGGIO DI LOEB

  3. youluvana il said:

    good video. allso i thin itallian is a funny language :)

  4. MichaelYellow46 il said:

    Sti giornalisti leccano il culo a Loeb in maniera incredibile

  5. CodeTwo2 il said:

    Shame Rossi span out there. He was running within 2.5% of Loeb’s time… a big margin if this was a comparison of competing same-sport pros, but very impressive here in view of his amateur four-wheel rallying status.

    Many of the very best four-wheel racers have biking somewhere in their early roots. Good bikers make great drivers, but it doesn’t always work in reverse.

  6. giovy206 il said:


  7. jeffLR91 il said:

    NOTE : Loeb had his wife as a co-driver for this event

  8. Khazar01 il said:

    Loeb is dancing with his car, just look at how fluid he is in those sharp corners….

  9. psf95 il said:

    follow the legend on twitter:@Valeyellow46 the official profile

  10. vale46smp il said:

    Grande vale…!!! anke nel’rally e un’grande ..

  11. tgchan il said:

    STFU fckign retarded commentators let the engines speak!

  12. bouffslave il said:

    The Doctor can operate on 4 wheels too! Nice one Rossi!

  13. 9381andre il said:

    grande rossi,hai fatto strike ahahah,ma mica era al bowling

  14. hoplageis57 il said:

    Great event ! Of course VR had no chance, like SL would be far behind VR on a motoGP. But SL is also riding bikes and VR likes supermoto. So what’s about a race on bikes between these two geniuses on mixed roads ?

  15. cabs155 il said:

    obligé il est trop fort loeb!! the best loeb!!!!

  16. Fantic1980 il said:

    Even though I couldn’t understand a word … amazing!

  17. ievenska il said:

    chi va forte in moto puo’andare forte anche in auto,e’difficile in senso opposto..

  18. peppecat1 il said:

    @Regolo90Show per carità, lungi da me parlare male del mitico Loeb, anche se personalmente preferisco la guida sporca e sfrontata di gente che ha vinto molto meno ma che ti fa divertire tipo Jean Ragnotti o Gigi Galli. volevo solo enfatizzare il fatto che Loeb è un pilota da rally e Valentino è IL PILOTA (Tazio Nuvolari style) capace di essere competitivo pure sul carrello della spesa.

  19. Regolo90Show il said:

    @peppecat1 fate in fretta a parlare e ? non so se hai notato la precisione di loeb rispetto a rossi che e andato anche fuori, poi non so se mi spiego ma loeb ha vinto 8 titoli mondiali che sinceramente sono piu difficili di quelli del moto gp nel rally lotti contro il tempo condizioni atmosferiche a dir poco impressionanti e rotture impreviste non metto in diubbio che se loeb andasse alla motogp vincerebbe so che perderebbe ma di certo non prenderebbe dei mesi 😉

  20. peppecat1 il said:

    beccare 2″ a giro da Loeb significa guidare da panico, soprattutto se vieni dalle 2 ruote. sulla moto Loeb beccherebbe 2 mesi da Rossi!

  21. ScuderiaGiancarlo il said:

    @Insertgamertag The cars give them backfire, you give your front fire 😉

  22. pdinis18 il said:

    Why would someone create NASCAR if you have RALLY, dumb Americans!

  23. Insertgamertag il said:

    Every single backfire made me wanna jizz every where. Nice captures.

  24. 6666cuervo il said:

    en moto gp y en rally valentino se las trae……

  25. racingfanatic96 il said:

    didn’t know they used part of the old circuit!

  26. RSfontasierra500 il said:

    DS3 WRC…the best racing car this time !

  27. cumbas il said:

    you are right I foget Audi in teh
    so I add to my TOP5 list “Audi” of course

  28. R32VLEYLAND il said:

    Valentino Rossi… His car is soooo cool

  29. cumbas il said:

    ah OK ^^
    here sure Valentino is a true big Legend of the Moto Racing, but not legend of cars & the WRC ^^

  30. 19Bozzy92 il said:

    @cumbas I think he was referring to Valentino Rossi (VR46) and not to the car 😉

  31. cumbas il said:

    Fiesta VR46 a Legend, where ?? LOL
    In videogames or shows made for noobs kids by a showman but a such real bad driver of the WRC like Ken Block ?? LOL
    A Legend of the WRC this car ? Is it a joke ? LOL
    The true Legends of the WRC are the Renault, the Lancia, the Peugeot, the Subaru and the Citroen who won them all on a true roads of the WRC but not this car made for the shows and for the kids…

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