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25 commenti su “Sourav Ganguly takes 20 wickets- amazing DADA celebrations!

  1. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead il said:

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  2. Lifin Francis il said:

    Look like no one can hit ganguly for a six..

  3. BanglaDeshVsColombia il said:

    theres no “bengal” tiger in kolkata’s zoo

  4. pak fan il said:

    Rob who do you think bowls a better yorker Lasith Malinga or Waqar Younuis?

  5. love u srk il said:

    He was a great captain. He tought india how to win overseas

  6. Siddharth Pradhan il said:

    Thanks Rob for this video. Likes!! Again ohh your descriptions!! :)

  7. Piranha . il said:

    Hahah so true. Afridi always having a brain melt.

  8. Ajit Vikram Bhargava il said:

    biggest strength of ganguly was his line and length.he had no pace to disturb the batsmen but a good line.very hard to score unless you improvise.

  9. Kushal Shah il said:

    To Indian cricket fans;

    This video is a proof that Rob DELIVERS Indian gold too.

    an Indian

    P.S: he has uploaded more than 20+ videos of SRT gold as well. please take pains to go through his uploads before abusing him and sending him death threats.

  10. robelinda2 il said:

    7:43 Textbook Afridi defensive no risk push to the offside for a single.

  11. psxfreak101 il said:

    I love how at 7:43 you can tell immediately by the way he threw the kitchen sink at the ball that it was Shahid Afridi falling in a blaze of glory yet again.

  12. aidange2 il said:

    this is like watching jackass when you know what’s gonna happen but you laugh when it happens anyway :P…the faces of the batsman are priceless!

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