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Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao BANG BANG Training @ Banchamek Gym – FULL HD

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Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao www.facebook.com training @ Banchamek Gym. Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao Muay Thai Training. Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao hard training @Banchamek Gym (official Yokkao Training Center) www.yokkao.com – B uy the most requested shorts of the year Buakaw Yokkao shorts “Carbon Look” at www.muaythaicombat.com – Yokkao T-shirts: www.muaythaicombat.com – Yokkao Muay Thai Gloves: www.muaythaicombat.com Follow Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao on facebook www.facebook.com and Twitter www.twitter.com Subscribe on Yokkao Youtube Channel to see the latest Buakaw’s videos: www.youtube.com *** ITALIANO *** Buakaw Banchamek sponsored by Yokkao in allenamento @ Banchamek Gym (Yokkao Training Center ufficiale) www.yokkao.it – Acquista i più richiesti pantaloncini dell’anno: Yokkao Buakaw “Red Carbon” al link www.muaythaicombat.it – – Acquista le T-shirt Yokkao al link: www.muaythaicombat.it – Guantoni Yokkao Muay Thai: www.muaythaicombat.it Segui le ultime notizie su Buakaw Banchamek nella pagina facebook di Yokkao www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Iscriviti al canale Youtube di Yokkao Boxing per vedere in anteprima l’ultimo video di Buakaw Banchamek: www.youtube.com *** YOKKAO EXTREME 2013 *** Don’t miss the biggest Muay Thai and K-1 event of the year that will be held at Forum d’Assago (Milano) on January 2013. The best Muay Thai and K-1 fighters will be back in action soon…info & tickets: www.muaythaicombat.it Follow
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