Top 10 Fragrances for High Schoolers – Fall 2010

Top 10 Fragrances for High Schoolers - Fall 2010

Enjoy! The second part will be uploaded in a few days, I’m still tweaking it a bit. Scents for school: 5. Abercrombie & Fitch – Fierce 4. Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio 3. Sean John – Unforgivable 2. Nautica – Voyage 1. BVLGARI – AQVA Scents for outings: 5. Versace – Blue Jeans 4. Dolce & Gabbana – Pour Homme 3. Vera Wang – For Men 2. John Varvatos – John Varvatos 1. Chanel – Platinum Egoiste

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25 commenti su “Top 10 Fragrances for High Schoolers – Fall 2010

  1. Josef806 il said:

    im in high school..i have 12 fragrances… ranging from versace to gucci…. thats BEAST… #FTW

  2. Vierhuizen il said:

    My highschool signature scent: Chanel Allure Homme sport.. Puts Aqcua Di Gio to SHAME

  3. funnyandstrings il said:

    Im in High School and i have “Nautica Voyage” but i have yet to have used it…For winter i wear “Avatar”(Most complimented scent ever…) and for Summer, I enjoy any cologne by ADIDAS. “Unforgivable” is great but a bit overpowering at some times…I also like D&G’s “Light Blue” but I dont have it due to price.

  4. BAGreat01 il said:

    @NYCFragranceBlog LMAO wow we have a Julio troll now…Great

  5. razscott il said:

    How the MOFO did miss this vid!!
    LOL You & ur ADG obsession crack me up man!
    6 frags in highschool? Jeez, i only had Jazz & Boss No6!
    Cheers for the vid bud!

  6. Rickaka1 il said:

    Is 1 million wearable in fall with only 2 sprays? I know it really isn’t but I’ve got tons of compliments on it…

  7. guayacan07 il said:

    You forgot Curve and curve connect for the HS kids

  8. NYCFragranceBlog il said:

    Remember when we met in San Fransisco? I secretly hoped to suck your cock man.

  9. MrReviewFragrance il said:

    @LASTSIKHLEFT Ashkan fucked Katie and me last week

  10. 44kukukid il said:

    U need to add diesel only the brave to this list it’s great for high schoolers.

  11. 959lover il said:

    @warriordiscus7 LoL, i’ll only say it if it fits. Okay my friend?

  12. 959lover il said:

    @blazerosyi  I believe I got my gift set from Ross for 29.99+tax

  13. 959lover il said:

    @ohhhDude BIEBER FEVER! You’ll laugh at my tags for the college video, just wait.

  14. 959lover il said:

    @Goodcharlotterocks13 No problem bud. You have to consider though, this is just from what I was in the mood for talking about. I know there are probably some fragrances that deserved better marks than some I may have put, but I like my choices and am standing by them. As for Boss Bottled, I sadly have not smelled that one in a long time.

  15. 959lover il said:

    @slotback67 I haven’t smelled love and luck in a while, I’ll try to get a sample to better answer your question.

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