Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto con Giselle Bundchen

Posted on 20 Febbraio 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. AradiaWitch ha detto:

    I prefer the collection in the ad with Kate Moss. This one is too dark for my taste.

  2. SakeviRulez ha detto:


  3. Ai1044128 ha detto:

    wow, she rocks

  4. samapishinel ha detto:

    this was the best YSL ad ever made ! :X

  5. ferch61 ha detto:

    estoy contigo!!!!!!!!!!!!! el chico oraniii siempre estara en nuestros corazones

  6. definitionXbattle ha detto:

    WOW!! absolutly BREATHTAKING!! almost an overwhelming beauty, i am in love, this is perfect

  7. athunt ha detto:

    the song is “no answer” by christof dejean, who passed away shortly after recording it two years ago.

    you can by the album (which is fantastic) on itunes. it’s called “electronic nostalgia”.

  8. boynamedfuture ha detto:

    The best mini-film I’ve ever seen!!! Bravo, bravo!!! Letting you know now, I’m biting this effect for my film effort “Smiles & Cries”. Be even better if I could work with the team who put this masterpiece together 🙂

  9. cachoro91 ha detto:

    Desde lo más profundo de mi corazón, lamento mucho tu muerte, Yves Saint Laurent.
    Genio indiscutible de la moda. Creador de las más bellas piezas de ropa del mundo.
    Siempre serás un modelo a seguir para todos nosotros; especialmente para mí.
    Descanza en paz, Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008)

  10. ALAIN06SC ha detto:

    Could someone tell me where is the music from please please please !!!!!! thank you

  11. adrianfrodo ha detto:

    WOW Holy sh*t!!!!

    Awesome!!!! OMG.. this is a master piece…

    Au revoir Yves Saint Lauren. Your legacy will stay for a long long time. That’s for sure.

  12. piastan ha detto:

    what is the music??? does anyone know please?

  13. lesta2010 ha detto:

    sooooo nice!!

  14. sharonx06 ha detto:

    oh these ads are gisele. i saw them in magazines and thought the model kind of looked like gisele but i wasn’t sure

  15. japanapajapanapaj ha detto:

    This is such an amzing video. Its like a clash of both a short film and photography. Perfect music,perfect photographs, perect body movements.

    It desrves 5 stars for sure.


    this has got to be one of the best collections i’ve ever seen!

    thanks for posting!

  17. xXxEmOgIrLx ha detto:

    @camiladn89 jealous

  18. LASuperboy ha detto:

    *jaw drops*

  19. camiladn89 ha detto:

    No assssss!

  20. lahvel2007 ha detto:

    aff –‘

  21. Umpassaro ha detto:


    Music g1. Samba! Model Natureza Dívina A ! <<<<<< Global Fashion! ... Globo, Azul. iQi Umpassaro

  22. Rayhuntter ha detto:

    @Sk8erBoiZach yeah, actually now 7 months later its one homosex and 5 fat chicks 😀

  23. Sk8erBoiZach ha detto:

    @Rayhuntter i think its the fat chicks

  24. Sk8erBoiZach ha detto:

    @aires8441 u just like fat chicks,,,,,

  25. aires8441 ha detto:

    No tits and a flat ass! When did that become sexy?

  26. xNePaTz4LiFeX ha detto:

    tom brady is a lucky man

  27. Babybritneyxxx ha detto:

    her body is perfect

  28. luichyluichy ha detto:

    go go gisele

  29. YOPO1994 ha detto:


  30. colonialmotion ha detto:

    marry me! 🙂 Beautiful and Fun!

  31. xoxolovergirl21 ha detto:

    she is hot but she is SO much more unlike most sexy lingerie/swimsuit models. Gisele is an ICON! and she can do fashion just as good as she does stuff like this. INcredible!

  32. klecia ha detto:

    Ela é linda , alegre , divertida ; mas Fernanda Tavares é a modelo que representa o nosso pais! Morenissima, nordestina!!!!!

  33. klecia ha detto:

    @cezarmaster Também acho querido! Ela é linda , alegre ! Mas não representa nem um pouco a mulher brasileira! Fernanda tavares , Luiza Brunet , Juliana Paes, Camila Pitanga, Isabeli Fontana, Daniela Sarayba ! Essas sim representam a mistura do nosso pais!

  34. arian1457 ha detto:

    fast forward to the best part 0:40

  35. Rayhuntter ha detto:

    2 wankers missed the like button

  36. jbjorkman09 ha detto:

    @radamezhq you are stupid, she was born in brazil that makes her brazilain, because Brazil is a country, you get it now?

  37. bnfgiselefan ha detto:

    Has anyone that’s responded WATCHED THE VIDEO? These are the topics you want to write and debate??? Damn.

  38. PVCMazzeo ha detto:

    Idiotas. Mentirosos burros. ‘-‘

  39. cezarmaster ha detto:

    Com todo o respeito, esta mulher não tem bunda! Mulher tem que ter muita bunda !
    A beleza que o mundo denota a esta mulher é uma beleza para Inglês ver. Eu namoraria ela só por fama e dinheiro mais nada. Ela não representa nem de longe, a beleza e a sensualidade da mulher brasileira.

  40. switchfoot423 ha detto:

    @Rayhuntter i didnt even notice until i read the comment….hahahahahahahahaha